Yo! Wanna Buy Some Records? The Final Chapter

So far, my efforts to sell my unwanted records have been an astonishing success, both here and on eBay. Thanks to all who have purchased anything from me, you’re really helping me out.

As a result of my success, I have decided to expand my efforts. Below is every album I plan on selling that is not currently on eBay. Want to buy any of these records? Read this:

If you see some records on this list you like, contact me at lostturtanble AT yahoo DOT com (formatted to avoid spam). Include in the email subject “I WANT TO BUY” followed with at least one of the records you are interested in. Give me an offer in the body of the email. If you’re looking for multiple records, I’ll give you a discount.

This is not an auction, I will not be playing different offers against each other. If one person offers me $10 for something and someone else offers me $20, I will sell to the person offering me $20, I won’t go back to the first person and give them the chance to outbid the other potential buyer.

After I see your offer I will either agree or counter. Once we come to agreement over a price I will send you a payment request over PayPal. YOU WILL HAVE 48 HOURS TO FULFILL THAT REQUEST. Failure to do that results not only in a loss of the records but a loss to ever buy records from me again. I will ship out your records the following business day. All US shipping will be media mail, unless you specify otherwise. International shipping is also available, but be aware that it is usually very expensive.

This list will occasionally be updated with new product, while items will be removed if they are sold or moved to eBay. I intend on keeping this post up until the first week of December, so if you can’t afford something right away, you have time! Unless someone else snags it up first of course.

When items are added to this list I will mention it both on a blog post and on Twitter. So if you want early dibs to anything, be sure to follow me on Twitter and get the heads up!

Happy hunting!

Oh, and since people were asking, here’s where you can find my eBay auctions.

Let’s Get It Up 12″ Single

Acid Folk

Adam And The Ants
Physical (You’re So) 12″ Single

Only The Strong 12″ Single

Against Me!
Against Me Is Reinventing Axl Rose (White/Pink) SOLD!
Don’t Lose Touch (Mouse On Mars Remix) 12″ Single
From Her Lips To God’s Ears 12″ Single

Arachnophobia 12″ Single

Arcade Fire
Keep The Car Running/Broken Window 7″ Single
Neighborhood #3 (Lights Out) 7″ Single
Intervention 7″ Single (Sealed)
Wake Up 7″ Single

Richard Ashcroft
A Song For The Lovers 12″ Single

Liebe The Remixes 12″ Single

Baby Ford
Fetish 12″ Single

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force
Planet Rock 12″ Single SOLD OUT!

Bebop Deluxe
Live! In The Air Age
Sunburst Finish

Set In Stone/Forbidden Zone 12″ Single

Big Audio (Dynamite)
Looking For a Song 12″ Promo SIngle

Big Country
East OF Eden (Extended Version) 12″ Single

Big Star
1# Record 2010 Yellow 180g repressing

Braindead Sound Machine
Where The Pavement Ends 12″ Single

James Brown
Living In America 12″ Single
The Payback Mix 12″ Single SOLD!!

David Byrne
3 Big Songs
Music From The Knee Plays

Sexx Laws 12″ Single (Transparent) SOLD!

Black Eyed Peas
Request Line 12″ Single (Fuck you it’s a great song)

Blazing Arrow

Bizarre Inc.
Keep The Music Strong 12″ Single

Chris ‘n’ Cosey with The Eurythmics
Sweet Surprise 12″ Single

Elvis Costello
High Fidelity 12″ Single

Il Brutto 12″ Single

Billy Currie

The Phoenix/The Big Hum 12″ Single

Die Warzau
Liberated 12″ Single
Never Again 12″ Single
Funkopolis 12″ Single

Dixie Dreggs
Dregs of the Earth

DJ Krush
The Message of the Depth

The Doobie Brothers
Listen To The Music (Remixes) 12″ Single SOLD!

Duran Duran
The Relfex (Picture Disc)
Mixing (Includes HUGE POSTER and awesome 8×12 band portraits) SOLD!

Missy Elliot
Cop That Shit 12″ White Label Remix Single

Brian Eno
Fourth World Vol. 1 (w/John Hassell) SOLD!!!
Ambient 2 The Plateaux of Mirror (w/Harold Budd) SOLD!!!
Ambient 3 Day of Radiance (Laraaji, produced by Eno) SOLD!!!
Ambient 4 On Land SOLD!!!

Basket Case

I’m Housin’ 12″ Single

I like Noise/Genocide 12″ Single

Everything But The Girl
Temperamental 12″ Single

Exotic Birds
No Communication 12″ Single SOLD!
Day After Day 12″ Single SOLD!
Exotic Birds SOLD!

Jake Fairley

The Farewell Party

Ade Fenton
Ade Fenton vs Wet Musik

Going Deaf For A Living
Word Salad

Freddie’s Dead 12″ Single

The Five Man Electrical Band
Good-Byes & Butterflies

Front 242
Tragedy For You 12″ Single

Front Line Assembly
Digital Tension Dementia 12″ Single
Millennium 12″ Single

Game Theory
Lolita Nation, still in shrink wrap

Guns N Roses

Jan Hammer
Make Love

Jazzy Jeff (the other one)
Rock It (Rock It) 12″ Single

High Priest
Ghost In The Drummachine 12″ Single

Herbie Hancock

Paul Hardcastle
Don’t Waste My Time 12″ Single
Rainforest 90

John Hassell
Personals 12″ Single

Heaven 17
Who Will Stop The Rain 12″ Single

Don Henley
All She Wants To Do Is Dance 12″ Single

Lauryn Hill
G Spot Factor EP (Bootleg Remixes)

Love Stimulation 12″ Single

Beautiful Day 12″ Single

New Jack Hustler 12″ Single

Jacky Dean Foundation
Caravan of Love 12″ Single

Jean-Michael Jarre (With Hank Marvin)
London Kid 12″ Single

Daniel Johnston
Hi, How Are You (2007 Re-Press) SOLD!

Elton John
Honky Chateau (Chinese Bootleg)

Jon The Dentist
Shindo 12″ Single

Grace Jones
Slave To The Rhythm 12″ Single SOLD!!

Howard Jones
The 12″ LP (Promo, no cover)
Things Can Only Get Better 12″ Single

Waters of Nazareth 12″ Single

Evelyn “Champagne” King
Give It Up 12″ Single

Discohopping 12″ Single

Dildo 12″ Single SOLD!!

Devil Inside 12″ Promo Single
Disappear 12″ Single
Suicide Blonde 12″ Single
What You Need 12″ Single

Kitchens of Distinction
Love Is Hell 12″ Single

Sympathy for the Devil (Picture Disc)

Annabelle Lamb
Riders On The Storm 12″ Single

Paul Lekakis
Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back To My Room) 12″ Single

Level 42
World Machine (The Shep Pettibone Remix) 12″ Single

Love Child Orchestra
Whole Lotta Love 12″ Single

Paper Planes (Homeland Security Remixes) 12″ Single

Flash Fried 12″ Single

The Hunter (2LP Deluxe Edition) SOLD!
Live At the Aragon (DVD Missing) SOLD!

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
Ruin Johnny’s Bar Mitzvah SOLD!

LCD Soundsystem
Tribulations 7″ Single (with poster) SOLD!

Meat Loaf
Paradies By The Dashboard Lights 12″ Single

Bporis Mikulic

Mix Master Mike

Hugo Montenegro
Moog Power SOLD!!

Supermassive Black Hole 7″ Single Picture Disc SOLD!

Mussolini Headkick
Themes For Violent Retribution

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Sex On Wheelz 12″ Single
Sex On Wheelz 12″ Promo
Sexplosion! SOLD!!

Time 12″ Single

National Lampoon
That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick! SOLD!

Express Yourself 12″ Single SOLD!!

Mike Oldfield and Roger Chapman
Shadow On The Wall 12″ Single

Pearl Jam
Amonst The Wave 7″ Single (Sealed) SOLD!!

Fences (Pink) (RSD Exclusive) 12″ Single SOLD!

Ariel Pink
Baby 12″ Single

Plastic Little (With Spank Rock and Diplo)
The Jump Off

Portishead SOLD!

Roxy Music
Dance Away 7″ Single (JAPANESE IMPORT)

Roger Powell
Air Pocket

Power Station
Get It On 12″ Single SOLD!!

Billy Preston
The Wildest Organ In Town!

Pressure Drop
Silently Bad Minded 12″ Single

Green Naugahyde SOLD!

Schizophrenia 12″ Single
Quadrophonia 12″ Single

Everybody Hurts (Orange Vinyl) 12″ Single
Everybody Hurts (White Vinyl) 12″ Single
Finest Worksong 12″ Single
Finest Worksong 12″ Promo Single
S. Central Rain (I’m Sorry) 12″ Single
The One I Love 12″ Single

Alex Reece
Feel The Sunshine 12″ Single

Richard Humpty Vission
Alright (The Remixes) 12″ Single
Soul-Tronik “The Musik” 12″ single

Steve Reich
The Desert Music

Chris Rock
Champagne 12″ Single

Sasha + Digweed
Expedition (3 LP Unmixed Version)

Schooly D
Where’d You Get That From 12″ Single

Science Dept.

Peter Schilling
The Different Story 12″ Single

The Freed Man (Repressing)

The Senate
The Original Sin Megamix 12″ Single

Shiek Moxo
Look Into The Magic Eye 12″ Single

Simian Mobile Attack Disco
Attack Sustain Delay Release

David Sylvain
Gone To Earth
Secrets Of The Beehive

The Smiths
So This Is America (Bootleg)

Another Brick In The Wall 12″ Single

Spank Rock
Yo Yo Yo Instrumentals

Bruce Springsteen
Streets Of Fire JAPANESE IMPORT 7″ Single

If You Love Somebody Set Them Free 12″ Single
We’ll Be Together

Vincent Stormfield
Sweet Harmony ’92 12″ Single

The Grand Illusion (With original poster)

Morton Subotnick
Silver Apples Of The Moon

Sugar Daddy
Another One Bites The Dust 12″ Single

Justice 12″ Single

System Of A Down
Chop Suey! 7″ Single (Clear, numbered)

Geggy Tah
Whoever You Are 12″ Single

Talking Heads
Workshop Image (Bootleg)

Techno Madness
Techno Madness 12″ Single

Wild Thing (Peaches RMX) 12″ Single

Torch Song (William Orbit)
Don’t Look Now 12″ Single

Toro y Moi
Causers of This SOLD! 
Undernearth The Pine SOLD!

Two Nice Girls
Like A Version 12″ Single

UB40 with Chrissie Hyde
Breakfast In Bed 12″ Single SOLD!

Armand Van Helden
Flowerz 12″ Single
Kentucy Fried Flow 12″ Single

Various Artists (That’s the name of the artist)
8 8.5. 9 12″ Single

Please Stand By

Beethoven Fifth (Street) Symphony 12″ Single

Violent Femmes
s/t (First Printing) SOLD!!

Joe Walsh

Crying At Airports 12″ Single

Whirlwind Heat
Pink 7″ Single SOLD! (To a real prick)

The Who
Live At Leeds (with all the inserts)

Are You There 12″ Single

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Maps 7″ Single
Pin 7″ Single (Red Transparent Vinyl)
Gold Lion 7″ Picture Disc

Phoenix of MY Heart

Altered States
The Awakening
Battle Beyond The Stars
Battle of Neretva
Battlefield Earth (The soundtrack of the Book)
Black Rain
Bright Lights Big City
Capricorn One
Clash Of the Titans
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (MOOG Version)
The Company of Wolves
Cooley High
The Dark Crystal SOLD!!
Dark Shadows (TV Show Soundtrack)
Down And Out in Beverly Hills
Empire State (with bonus 12″)
Enemy Mine
The Final Countdown
Ghost Story
The Green Hornet (TV Show)
The Hobbit (Complete Original Soundtrack including dialogue, music and songs)
The Howling
The Hunger
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978 Version)
King Kong Lives
Laugh-In ’69
Listen To The City
Midnight Run
The Mission
Night Hawks
A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 (12″ Single for Dream Warriors by Dokken)
The Omen
The Omen II
Poltergeist II
Quest For Fire
Sacco & Vanzetti
The M Squad (1959 TV Soundtrack featuring John Williams)
Mallrats (Sealed) SOLD!
Modesty Blaise
The Neverending Story
Night Breed SOLD!
Out Of Bounds
Rambo First Blood, Part II
Red Faction Armageddon (Video Game soundtrack)
Russ Meyer’s Soundtrack Collection
The Return of the Living Dead
The Seven Samurai/Rashomon
Sex, Lies, And Videotape
Scream For Help
The Swarm
The Twilight Zone (TV Series Soundtrack Volume 2)
The Twilight Zone (TV Series Soundtrack Volume 4)
The Twilight Zone (TV Series Soundtrack Volume 5)
The Twilight Zone (Film Soundtrack)
The Untouchables
Wild In The Streets

Back To the Grindstone (Fact 22, Mental Anguish, Nomuzic and more)
A Bunch of Stiffs
California Jammin (Bootleg with Deep Purple, ELP and Pink Floyd)
California Jam 2 (Heart, Santana, Dave Mason, Aerosmith and more)
A Factory Quartet (The Durutti Column, Kevin Hewick, Blurt and The Royal Family & the Poor)
Grid Slinger
Horse Meat Disco III
Live For Life (REM, Jeff Beck, Bob Marley, Bangals…)
Two Revolutions (DNB Mix)
Scream The Compilation (Jane’s Addiction, TSOL and more)
London Funk All-Stars
Maiden Australia
Om Lounge
Platinum On Black II (Remxies of Brand New Heavies, New Order, Everything But The Girl and more)
Y4K Part One (Nubreeed and Dirty Fours)

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  1. chadwicktron says:

    I wish I had spare money. Stop teasing me!

  2. jason says:

    $10 for the Against Me! Axl Rose LP


  3. Jen.S says:

    Do you have an eBay store and/or a link to see what you have for sale on eBay? I would like to see what you have for sale there.

  4. Lost Turntable says:

    This link should work.


    Be aware, my eBay items are priced a bit higher than what I would list them as here.

  5. Nathan says:

    How much for these? and vinyl or CD?

    David Sylvain
    Gone To Earth
    Secrets Of The Beehive

    The Smiths
    So This Is America (Bootleg)

    Thanks for a fun blog!

  6. Lost Turntable says:

    Everything on here is vinyl. Read the post to figure out how to buy them.

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