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Anyone out there speak German? Okay. I know plenty of people do (they’re called Germans) but any out there who are willing to translate something for me? It’s not much, just a few lines on a couple comic book panels. If anyone wants to help me out, hit me up via email or on Twitter.

Talk Talk
Why Is It So Hard? (12″ U.S. Remix)
It’s Getting Late In The Evening (7″ Version)
Life’s What You Make It (Dub Version)
Living In Another World (Curious World Dub Mix)
Living In Another World (Mendelsohn Remix)
Living In Another World (Live)
Talk Talk (Remixed By Gary Miller)
Five years ago (!!!) I posted some tracks from Talk Talk’s It’s My Mix, a 1992 remix EP that was released only in Italy. Since then, I’ve been asked to repost those tracks about a billion times over. My go to response has typically been to ignore those requests. Not because I hate Talk Talk or the people who want the songs, but because I lost those tunes on a hard drive crash and I didn’t want to bother cleaning and re-recording the record. I’m lazy.

It also turns out that it’s completely unnecessary for me to re-record almost all of those tracks, because EMI has actually been pretty excellent at making Talk Talk rarities available. There are, in fact, two Talk Talk rarities collections out there, Remixed and Asides and Besides. Between the two of them nearly every Talk Talk remix, dub mix, b-side and alternate version are now available to purchase at iTunes, Amazon or just about any music outlet you could imagine. So if you want most of their remixes and rarities, I suggest you go there.

But if you want even more Talk Talk, don’t worry because I still totally have you covered.

In a case of random weirdness, while Remixed includes most of It’s My Mix, it doesn’t include all of it! For some reason the 12″ US Remix to “Why Is It So Hard?” (hehehe) is absent on both Remixed and Asides and Besides. Why? Who knows. But that does mean that I can provide it for you here.

Additionally, while many of Talk Talk’s 12″ singles were mined completely for both of those compilations, some were left behind, most notably these killer mixes and versions of “Living In Another World” and an entirely different remix of “Talk Talk” which is actually longer than the “Extended Remix” that is on Remixed. Go figure.

And before anyone asks, yes I am aware that there are additional Talk Talk remixes that are not on Remixed nor Asides and Besides. They are also not in my personal record collection. So unless they show up at Jerry’s sometime, I’m not going to be posting them.

Now if I never say “Talk Talk remix” again I’ll be very happy.

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  1. Tim says:

    [comment removed]

  2. Lost Turntable says:

    I don’t like to link to stuff that so easily commercially available, sorry!

  3. Andy says:

    Nice reminder of Talk Talk, thanks dude. [removed] posted a couple of tracks recently including the italian its my mix 12″ [link removed].

  4. Lost Turntable says:

    I mention It’s my Mix. Read the post. I also mention I didn’t post it because its almost all in print and available online. I don’t link to sites that post commercially available material.

  5. Andy says:

    sorry about that – lazy of me to skim. To be fair its been a real pain to ind any of these tracks in the UK, so I’m always pretty glad to find bits and pieces wherever I can.

  6. Acid Ted says:

    send me an email on the translation. the wife speaks german:

  7. Eric Alper says:

    Thanks so much for posting these. Truly appreciate it, and let me know if there’s anything I can do for you here!

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