Supertramp And The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I planned tonight’s post as such solely so I could use that headline.

I’m Beggin’ You (Straight Pass)
I’m Beggin’ You (Mad House Mix)
I’m Beggin’ You (Dub)
If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be rocking out to subpar Supertramp remixes, I would have punched you in the face and called you a liar. Shit, if you would have told me that 10 months ago I still probably would have called you a liar (I wouldn’t have punched you in the face though, I’ve mellowed a bit in my 30s).

But why do I have a newfound appreciation for the group? A band that could be generously called a second-tier prog-rock group turned third-tier pop act? Is it because of my mellowing out? As I’ve gotten older, have I wussed out a bit? Trading in my Pantera and Slipknot albums for easy-listening radio-friendly pop favorites?

No, I’ve just become less of a judgmental asshole.

Honestly, my recent interest in Supertramp has more to do with random chance than anything else. Hearing “Crime Of The Century’ in a record store and being blown away, only to buy the album from which the song gets its name to discover six more tracks that are almost just as amazing (…and “Bloody Well Right,” a song I still can’t get behind). Crime Of The Century remains the only album by the group that I own, but I keep meaning to pick up more. I’m very curious about their first two, super-prog sounding albums, as well as the uber-popular Even In The Quiest Moments and  Breakfast In America.

“I’m Beggin’ You” is not from any of those records though, it’s from the group’s 1987 LP Free as a Bird. The first second record by the group to not feature founding member Roger Hodgson, it was a critical and commercial bomb that pretty much led to a 10 year hiatus for the group. This song isn’t horrible, I’ve certainly heard worse 80s pop tunes, but even I, with my limited knowledge of Supertramp, know that this doesn’t sound like a Supertramp tune at all.

It does have a “house mix” though, and that’s not something you can say for most singles from 70s prog rock groups. Unless somewhere there’s a 12″ house mix of “Mama” by Genesis that I don’t know about.

Oh god that would be so awesome.

Hi Tek 3
Spin That Wheel (Extended Flick Mix)
Spin That Wheel (Flick Mix)
Spin That Wheel (Dub Mix)
Spin That Wheel (Dub Edit)
That’s right, the house mix of a Supertramp song isn’t the dumbest thing in tonight’s post. I’m proud of that.

“Spin That Wheel” is a song from the soundtrack to the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Hi Tek 3 are a side-project/alternate name of Technotronic, the Belgium dance act who brought the world “Pump Up The Jam.” Based on those two bits of information you probably already have an idea as to what this song sounds like, and you’re probably right. Enjoy.

8 Responses to “Supertramp And The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

  1. Glenn S. says:

    Hey, nothing wrong with liking Supertramp. I’ve heard Supertramp moments in everything from Daft Punk to Shania Twain. Since you like Crime of the Century so much, check out Even In The Quietest Moments, which has more longish tracks, including one in the ten-minute range. If you decide to explore the poppier side of the band (which I also love) grab both Breakfast In America and Crises? What Crises?, which is sometimes overlooked but has some real gems. All I know of their earlier stuff is what’s on the Retrospectacle anthology, which is also good for those not ready to get everything.

  2. Drain says:

    i seriously had no clue that there were any singles released from the ninja turtles soundtrack although i figured that if there was one released it’d be for the song hammer did. that song sounded pretty decent.

  3. ~R says:

    Whoa, I spun Even in the Quietest moments just last night probably around the time you were putting this post to bed. It’s pretty good if you’re in a contemplative mood that isn’t too heavy. Worth checking out and fyi “Fool’s Overture” was used as the opening theme for the Canadian news show ‘W5’ (the 5 w’s of journalism: who, what, where, when, why) back in the late 70’s early 80’s.

  4. Dan da Man says:

    There’s always some loser Supertramp know it all around to point out that “Free As A Bird” was the 2nd ST album without Hodgson. The first was 1985’s “Brother Where You Bound”.

  5. Lost Turntable says:

    Ha, thanks. I fixed it in the post.

  6. wtf says:

    Oh yes those were the days: Supertramp went “HOUSE”. I own this 12″ almost a quarter of a century but haven’t played it for ( I think 20) years. Quick downloaded the tracks, have a listen and…. well. Don’t know what to say. Do I (still) like it? Nah. WTF. Anyways, thanx for sharing!

  7. Don’t know about a 12″ mix of Mama but this is about as good as it gets ….

  8. wtf says:

    In fact there is a 12″ version of Mama (, it’s approx. 45 seconds longer than the albumversion. No remix. As far as I know no one dared to ruin Mama into a houseremix, or worse. Could be fun though.

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