Pink Floyd, Duran Duran and Eurythmics. Because Why Not?

I wanted to write something kind of awesome tonight but technology stopped that from happening. Instead, here’s something I cobbled together in five minutes. Whatever, I’m sure more people will enjoy this than the incredibly bizarre stuff I have planned for later in the week.

I hope that didn’t sound bitter.

Pink Floyd
Not Now John (Single Version)
The Heros’ Return – Parts I and II
Every few years I re-visit The Final Cut to see if my opinion of the record will change, but it never does. I think that album is aggressively horrible. It’s not just bad for a Pink Floyd record, it’s bad for a rock record. Shit, it’s bad for a rock record released in 1983, and that’s saying something.

That being said, it has a couple of tunes that I consider to be…okay if I’m in the right mood (that mood being “I’m too depressed to feel hate”).

One is “Fletcher Memorial Home,” which is a lyrical dirge, but at least it has some pretty good guitar work by Gilmour.

The other is “The Hero’s Return.” I think it’s the only track on the album that gets Roger’s political viewpoints across without him coming off like a self-important prick. It’s probably the only song on The Final Cut that I wish was longer, good for me then that a longer version exists!

I don’t know why, but the version of “The Hero’s Return” that serves as the B-side to “Not Now John” is twice as long as the album version, with an additional verse that adds onto the song’s anti-Thatcher themes. It’s good stuff, very angry. I love how Gilmour delivers the line “Jesus Christ I might as well be dead!” although he’s singing Roger’s lyrics, he really sounds like he believes it. Of course, given the state of Floyd at the time of the song’s recording, maybe he was wishing death upon himself.

I’m including the single edit of “Not Now John” only for completionist purposes. I like it more than the album cut, but mostly because its shorter, therefore it ends sooner.

Duran Duran
Save A Prayer (The Thunder In Our Hearts Remix)
Some of the weirdest records I buy are records made strictly for DJs that are sold as part of a subscription service. These are usually legit releases that feature official remixes, but the remixes are often exclusive to the subscription service, so they’re super rare and weird. That’s where this AMAZING remix of “Save A Prayer” came from. If you’re like me and ever thought “I sure would love a seven-minute version of that sad Duran Duran ballad about one night stands” then you’re totally in luck. You’re also probably my old editor. Hi Dave.

Sweet Dreams (Bootleg House Mix)
And if you’ve ever thought “I sure would love a seven-minute version of ‘Sweet Dreams,’ but only if its a house version released as a bootleg white label” then you too are also in luck. And we should totally hang out sometime because we have similar tastes in ridiculousness.

8 Responses to “Pink Floyd, Duran Duran and Eurythmics. Because Why Not?”

  1. Andy says:

    You’re right. That is a great Duran Duran remix. Congrats on 6 years and here’s to 60 more! I love your site, I read your posts, and I enjoy your music! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

  2. Jenny says:

    Yeah, On the Turning Away would’ve been much more powerful without the goddamned synthsizer. Grrrr.

  3. Vinylist says:

    I love you, it’s cool!

  4. JJ says:

    The Final Cut is a great album. You’re a fucking moron.

  5. JJ says:

    I’m guessing the “moderator” (gee, I wonder who that could be) won’t put my message up because I didn’t say “you’re cool”.

  6. Lost Turntable says:

    No, it’s because I have to actually read them before I approve them. But stay classy kiddo.

  7. Homer J from the UK says:

    There was a nice Dave Angel Mix of Sweet Dreams around 1990 my mate had as a promo-ravey with church bells in,quite dark ! That’s a good mix !

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