GNR, Frank Black and Goldie. Yeah, I didn’t plan this one out very well.

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Guns N’ Roses
Don’t Cry (Demo)
I never thought I’d get a chance to post some rare and out-of-print GNR, mostly because I didn’t think that there was any rare and out of print GNR. But hey, I love being proven wrong. This demo version of the classic “Don’t Cry” is the B-side to to the 12″ “Don’t Cry” single, which is a nifty record because the cover has a hologram on it.

Hologram covers. That’s some 90s shit right there. I can put this right next to my lenticular comic book trading cards.

Frank Black
The Ballad Of Johnny Horton
Surf Epic
I never thought I’d get to post and rare Frank Blank either! But hey, I found some at a record show last week! These are B-sides to the “Hang On To Your Ego” single, which was a track from Frank’s self-titled 1993 debut. While that track is a cover, I’m fairly certain that both of these instrumental tunes are original compositions. There is another song “The Ballad of Johnny Horton,” but I don’t believe they have anything in common (aside from probably being about Johnny Horton). But don’t pay much mind to that track, instead, focus on the aptly-titled “Surf Epic,” a 10 minute smorgasbord of surf guitar and sci-fi sounds that is brain-meltingly good.

If you don’t own an of Frank Black’s early solo albums then you’re failing at life. Go buy Teenager Of The Year right now. that album has “Speedy Marie” on it. A song that an ex-girlfriend of mine consistently referred to as “like the best song EVER!” Myself, I prefer “If It Takes All Night” from Dog In the Sand, but maybe that’s why we broke up.

Inner City Life (Full Length Mix)
Inner City Life (Roni Size Instant Mix)
Inner City Life (Nookie Remix)

Inner City Life (4 Hero Pt. 1)
It’s 2012 and I still don’t own Goldie’s Timeless. So I guess I’m failing at life too. In fact, I hardly own any Goldie! Just some 12″ singles and that song he did on the Spawn soundtrack with Henry Rollins (also, for some reason I own that soundtrack on vinyl, red transparent vinyl, what the hell?!).

Anyways, even if you don’t like drum and bass (and why not? It’s the best thing since sliced Beatles) I still think you should give this song a chance. It’s freaking beautiful.


5 Responses to “GNR, Frank Black and Goldie. Yeah, I didn’t plan this one out very well.”

  1. Ray Pennisi says:

    I already use Google Reader and have been subscribed to your feed for a long time, so I can’t say for sure if the links on the right work, but they seem to be correct. Probably not very helpful, I know.

  2. Travis Lyle says:

    You, sir, goddamn ROCK! Inner City Life is an all-time epic.

  3. serpico009 says:

    That red vinyl sounds like shit, but “No Remorse” still sounds fucking awesome.

    I was already getting yr posts in Google Reader too, by just using the url.

  4. Drain says:

    always preferred “headache” off of “teenager of the year”…also, the video is hilariously awesome. guaranteed to make you smile if you’re having a bad day lol.

  5. Homer J from the UK says:

    I love ‘Inner City Life’,but i can’t say i have any Jungle(cos it’s ‘Jungle’-pre Drum & Bass) !
    As for Drum & Bass-what i’ve heard is awful,& since then there’s never been an exciting genre in Dance music !

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