We Be Pearl Jammin’

Here is the rare Pearl Jam I was going to post a few weeks ago, but was too disgruntled to bother. My heart really isn’t in talking about the group still, which is why this post is kind of brief. Good tunes though.

Pearl Jam
Of The Earth (Live)
This is a new song that Pearl Jam premiered on their 2010 European tour. This live recording is an after-credits easter egg on the concert documentary film The Kids Are Twenty, the “for the fans” documentary about the band that the fans can no longer buy because the band chose to make it a limited edition release. But I’ve bitched about that enough…moving on.

These three tracks are instrumentals that were used as background music for a couple of montages from the Touring Band 2000 DVD that came out in 2001. Slight, but still worth a few listens. Much like their origin suggests, they make for great background tunes.

No Jeremy
Falling Down
The annual “holiday” single is the only reason why I stick with the Ten Club (Pearl Jam’s fanclub). Over the years the band has used the Ten Club single to premiere many great tunes, including “Last Kiss,” and their covers of “Sonic Reducer” and “Love, Reign O’er Me.” This year’s single was one of the best, featuring these two incredibly rare tracks. “Falling Down” is an entirely original song that was only performed once, while “No Jeremy” is a radical reworking of “Jeremy” that restructures the song into something else entirely. Both recordings are taken from the same 1995 concert at Red Rocks.

Even though it’s Thanksgiving this week, I hope to get at least two more posts up before the holiday, including another Duane Bruce bootleg.

The probability of this happenings is directly related to how insane my family drives me and how much vodka is in my father’s house.

7 Responses to “We Be Pearl Jammin’”

  1. MrNil says:

    any chance for the Ministry ‘Rare & Remixed’ tracks coming back?

  2. We Be Bitchin says:

    Not sure what you mean by the fans can’t get the documentary – I see it on DVD and Blu-ray on Amazon

  3. Lost Turntable says:

    No. That’s PJ20, The Kids are Twenty is an entirely different film.

    And you see no PJ20 Blu-ray on Amazon that’s currently for sale, that’s a Best Buy exclusive.

    Next time you complain about someone “bitchin” maybe you should learn to read.

  4. We Be Bitchin says:

    I wasn’t *complaining* about someone “bitchin”. It’s a reference to the name of this post and to your entry that you linked from the words “But I’ve bitched about that enough”.

    And it is in that post that you talk about PJ20’s standard edition blu-ray unavailability. Which, as far as I can tell, is wrong – it is not a Best Buy exclusive before Xmas.

    And aren’t those two films actually the same basic footage, just different cuts?

  5. Lost Turntable says:

    it is a Best Buy exclusive. If anyone else is selling it, then they are buying it at Best Buy and then selling it on their own. This is why the Best Buy copy is FAR cheaper than any other copy.

    And they two movies are drastically different, PJ20 is a documentary, The Kids are Twenty is a concert film.

  6. Fictional Queen says:

    “Bitching”? >:( Don’t say that dude! It’s sexist!
    Other than that nice post lol.

  7. Lost Turntable says:

    Duly noted! That was a stupid mistake that shall not happen again!

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