Nirvana Live at the Man Ray – 4.18.90

I don’t know if you all knew this, but I kind of like Nirvana.

So when word spread last week that a previously unreleased Nirvana concert had made its way online, I had to have it. Unfortunately the only place you could get it was on Soundcloud, and they have a 100 download limit cap. Also, the Soundcloud copy of the concert cut out early, leaving four tracks unheard.

Undeterred, I reached out the Duane Bruce, the former Boston DJ who recorded the concert and uploaded it to Soundcloud, and he agreed to send me a copy of the concert to distribute here. Everyone thank Duane!

“Thank you Duane!”

Okay, you can all download it now, since you’ve been so nice. The first link is a zip with the entire show, the others are the individual tracks (and in case you’re wondering, I’m posting links to the MP3 files directly so the post gets picked up by various MP3 aggregators).

Nirvana – 4.18.90 – Live At The Man Ray Nightclub, Cambridge, MA
Floyd The Barber
Love Buzz
About A Girl
Spank Thru
Some tuning and rambling
In Bloom
Big Cheese
Molly’s Lips
Been A Son
Negative Creep
More tuning and rambling
Pay To Play
Quick disclaimer: for a bootleg recording this sounds great, but it’s still a bootleg. There’s a lot of line noise and hum, and a few odd clips and cuts near the end, but none of that should affect your enjoyment of what sounded like a totally kick ass show! Highlights include  a great version of “About A Girl” (which I always thought sounded better “plugged”) and blistering early versions of “Breed” and “Stay Away” (the latter of which is presented in its early “Pay To Play” incarnation).

Thanks again to Duane Bruce!

6 Responses to “Nirvana Live at the Man Ray – 4.18.90”

  1. Officer Serpico says:


  2. Don Boston says:

    Thanks Duane! And thanks for hosting this, it’s fucking awesome!

  3. Neil says:

    holy god damn shit, thats probably the best thing ive heard all year. Thank you

  4. Iced says:

    Thankssss!!!!! A million Duane!!! I worked on Lansdowne beginning of 1990 and saw the 2 shows at axis in 91, the day before nevermind came out and the day after. New about the Man Ray/TT’s/Green street shows after they happened as did most everyone else. This is a real gem! CHEERS!

  5. Yorch says:

    Thanks Dune and the guy who uploadet it to this site!! Thank you so much from Mexico

  6. Ben says:

    Much appreciated Duane & Lost Vinyl . They were a force of nature live & each show has its suprises.
    The early stuff is so cool, when they were poor & happy. My favourite period.
    Thanks again!

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