Sigue Sigue Repost

I have at least two really awesome posts lined up, with some great content and in the case of one, some original research and even a real interview with someone involved with the record! They’re going to be awesome.

But they also take a ton of work, so here’s some Sigue Sigue Sputnik until I get them done.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Love Missile F1-11 (Extended Version)
Love Missile F1-11 (Dance Version)
Love Missile F1-11 (Single Version)
Sex Bomb Boogie (Magic Flute)
Sex Bomb Dance
Success! (12″ Dance Mix)
Success! (7″ Single Mix)
Success! (Funky Mix)
Success! (Balaeracidic Mix)
Success! (Metal Hammer Mix)
Success! (Micro-Dub Mix)
I have posted all these tracks before, however they were recorded on my old shitty turntable. These are all new recordings taken from my Technics 1200. I also originally posted most of these tracks in 2007, when no one read this blog, as opposed to now…when dozens of people read it! But if you were one of the eight people who downloaded the remixes of “Success!” back when I first posted them, download them again, these versions sound light years better.

“Love Missile F1-11” is SSS’s most well-known track, but in my opinion both “Sex Bomb Boogie” and “Success!” are far superior, especially “Success!” SSS was a band whose image and music perfectly encapsulated the mid-80s, but “Success!” is their only track that also manage to capture in lyrics everything that was brilliant and bullshit about that ultra-superficial era. It makes sense that many of the remixes incorporate aspects of the “Greed is good” speech from Wall Street, it was a creed that the members of SSS no doubt (ironically) embraced with gusto. Now, with all the Occupy Wall Street shit going down, the song is ironically relevant all over again! In my mind there are choreographed protests set to this song.

My mind is kind of weird.

Anyways, some really good stuff next week I promise! I hope you enjoy the reposted synthpop.

6 Responses to “Sigue Sigue Repost”

  1. Drain says:

    woot! i can count myself as one of the 8 people who downloaded these back in ’07 lol. thanks for these excellent reposts of sputniky goodness.

  2. musicologist says:

    Thx for SSS, back then I was a great fan, both of their innovative music and their “corporate design” And remember that they sold commercials as interludes between their songs on the “Flaunt it”-LP – great! I’m not shure if this was also the case on the US-Version, because there were german commercials on the record, too. Maybe someone here knows it?
    Great blog, hope you keep going!

  3. Stevo says:

    Thanks for the re-recordings of these, I think I was one of the original 8 to d’l Success too! Try finding a copy of the DMC mix of Love Missile, it is an extravaganza in excess. I used to play it years ago when I was a goth dj, went down a storm.

  4. Yana Ya Ya (not really) says:

    Yes, there were ads on the US LP. I know one or two were different from the UK version, but if you’re referring to the German ad for Tempo magazine, that was on the US release as well.

    FWIW, from another fan, the two best SSS tracks are the original 12″ of “21st Century Boy” (with the great newsflash breaks) and the Sci Fi Sex Stars track “Suicide”, which truly does live up to their it’s inspirational namesake. (And that’s not a judgement I give or consider lightly.)

    Finally, a fantastic quote from The Manual by The KLF, in which Bill Drummond shows once again why he’s a genius : “Another useful hint when it comes to subcult attitude gloss : it often helps not to be purists. Water it down. Sugar it up. Some of the above Tony James understood. Some he most definitely did not.”

  5. Stevo says:

    DMC mix of Love Missile. Sorry it’s 192kb & it’s taken from the album Sci Fi Sex Stars rather than the DMC 12″ but that’s on a hard drive I don’t have to hand right now, hope you like it.

  6. Lost Turntable says:


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