Bad Girls (Run The World)

No more grunge for at least a month. I loved writing about that fiasco and it got me a lot of hits, but goddamn it bummed me out.

Let’s dance.

One Perfect Sunrise  (Phil Hartnoll Mix)
One Perfect Sunrise (Stereo-8 Remix)
Acid Pants (JDS Mix)
“One Perfect Sunrise” is a song that sounds like its title; beautiful and awe-inspiring, and these two remixes are almost just as great. The Phil Hartnoll mix works pretty well because it isn’t that different than the original, which makes sense considering that Phil is half of Orbital. The Stereo-8 mix is great as well, but it does make the pretty egregious mistake of burying the beautiful vocals away for the first half of the mix. When you have something that hauntingly beautiful, that’s your lead god dammit.

The “Acid Pants” mix is just like the original version of “Acid Pants,” in that it’s incredibly stupid. However, it makes the same mistake as the Stereo-8 mix, it buries the part of the song that makes it interesting: the crazy acid sound doesn’t show up until the song is halfway over. Still, it has the guys from Sparks saying something stupid over and over again, so it’s worth something.

“Orbootal” is a bootleg white-label remix of “Impact” which is a song I have not heard in years, so I really can’t comment on how it’s different. I like it though.

DJ Rap
Everyday Girl (Sneaky Vocal Experience Mix)
Everyday Girl (Rae & Christian Remix)
Bad Girl (Hybrid Remix)
Bad Girl (Num Club Girl Remix)
Bad Girl (Friburn n Urik Remix)
DJ Rap is an accomplished drum n bass and house DJ. She’s a singer, songwriter, producer, model and actress. She is by far the most successful woman in electronic music. Not only is she a genius, but she’s also tough-as-nails for managing to thrive and succeed in a genre of music that is notoriously known as a boys’ club. Now if someone could just tell me why her name is DJ Rap. I just don’t get that.

“Everyday Girl” is a very good song, but “Bad Girl” is the one I’m going to talk about. Damn, what a track. Not only is it an amazing example of progressive trance (and the Hybrid remix is a must-hear) but it also has some amazing lyrics about sexism and double-standards. How many dance tracks drop the phrase “glass ceiling?” Shit is deep.

Enjoy the enlightenment via trance music. I’ll see you all again before the week is over.

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