Pet Shop Fever

San Francisco finds continue! Or is it rather obvious given tonight’s selection?

Pet Shop Boys
Before (Danny Tenaglia’s After Mix)
Before (Classic Paradise Mix)
Before (Joey Negro’s Hed Boys Mix)
Before (Joey Negro’s Hed Boys Before Dub)
Before (Danny Tenaglia’s Underground Mix)
Before (Danny Tenaglia’s Bonus Beats)
Before (Danny Tenaglia’s Twilo Dub)
Before (Danny Tenaglia’s Bonus Dub) 
I’ve been using Discogs for a while now to catalog my collection, something I deemed neccessary once I hit 1,000 records. It’s a pretty great site, the only downfall being when you find you have something that isn’t in their massive system. Thankfully if you stick to pop, dance and rock like I do, it’s not a problem you’ll come across that often.

My favorite thing about Discogs is that it allows you to discover stuff about your collection you might not realize. For example: I found out I own 35 Pet Shop Boys singles. Furthermore, I figured out that I own multiple versions of several singles; I have two different versions of “So Hard”, “New York City Boy”, and “Before”; and three different versions of “I Don’t Know What You Want But I Can’t Give It Anymore.” What’s more terrifying is that by using Discogs I found out about twice as many Pet Shops Boys singles that I don’t have (As well as this. Oh. My. God. It’s. So. Fabulous.).

I started using Discogs so I could look up my collection on my phone while record shopping, after I accidentally bought the same Erasure single four times in one month. It certainly came in handy during the San Francisco trip, because I would have never bought this CD single of “Before” without first checking to see if it was the version I already owned. It wasn’t, so I snagged it up. Good thing too, these mixes are excellent. Danny Tenaglia knows his shit. They’re long too, this is nearly an hour of “Before” goodness. Get ready for some disco dancing!

Bad Girl (Extended Mix)
Fever (Extended 12″)
Fever (Shep’s Remedy Dub)
Fever (Murk Boys Miami Mix)
Fever (Murk Boys Deep South Mix)
Fever (Oscar G’s Dope Mix)
I love “Bad Girl.” It’s one of my favorite Madonna tracks. I even gushed about it in a previous post. So finding the 12″ single at Amoeba was a big deal for me. I was especially happy that I found the 12″ and not any of the CD singles too, since the 12″ is the only one that contains the extended mix. Sure, it’s not that different than the album cut, and it’s not even that extended (just a minute longer) but it gives me an excuse to post the song, and that makes me pretty damn happy. It also gives me a chance to post a link to the amazing video by David Fincher, which I suggest you all watch if you haven’t.

Of course, for many I’m burying the lead here, since the “Bad Girl” single comes with five remixes of the much bigger hit “Fever.” Meh. I like “Fever” a lot, don’t get me wrong, but there’s not much to that song in my opinion, no matter who is singing it. These remixes are good club mixes though, and if you like the track you should dig them.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I have 30 Madonna singles. No repeats, all unique releases. One day I will have the 12″ for all her singles. Oh yes. They will be mine.

Next post: More Madonna, more Pet Shop Boys. Maybe more of other stuff too.

11 Responses to “Pet Shop Fever”

  1. JT says:

    Discogs is designed for user input. If you have something that’s not in the system, submit it. I joined because my favorite bands were underrepresented, and submitted them.

  2. Lost Turntable says:

    Oh, I know that and I do it. It can just be a pain in the ass sometimes. Especially if you’re adding something like a nine CD Pearl Jam box set, or a Japanese-only album with Japanese song titles!

  3. Homer J from UK says:

    Good choice with the Madonna single Bad Girl-is urs the one with the ‘Erotica'(Jeep Mix)& the free poster. Mine was,tho i don’t think i have the poster now-it was a big poster of her with a cigar,naked holding her breast/s. Look out also 4 the bootleg by Mahoney,with an old pic of her with see thru blouse on-loads of exclusive mixes on that-a long one of Vogue,4 instance. I have at least 10 of her 12″s up til ‘…Godbye’.

  4. Glenn S. says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only huge fan of “Bad Girl” our there. I remember hearing her sing it on Saturday Night Live and thinking it was going to be a major hit. I don’t know, maybe people heard the title and said, “Madonna, Bad Girl … okay, tell us something we don’t know.” Too bad. It’s a great track.

  5. Glenn S. says:

    Damn, I’ve become one of those careless click-before-reading types that always bug me. That first sentence should have read “…out there…”

  6. Ximeremix says:

    Great to see the PSB US single – I sold it years ago and lost some of the mixes (which aren’t on common UK releases. Thanks for the post, and the website!!!

  7. Mark says:

    always so great to see someone with a passion for PSB
    my collection is my pride and joy,perhaps we could discuss it sometime….bye now

  8. regularjoe says:

    I received an email from the PSB site about that very limited version of YES and by the time I clicked the link it was already sold out. Not hard to find on the webs but that isn’t really the same, is it? It’s too bad it’s not commercially available as I think that they are losing a ton of money to downloads (by the way, Thomas Dolby has he first new one in a long time coming out in October and the deluxe edition has – guess what – instrumentals of every track on the album).

    Some enterprising PSB fan (dunno who that would be) got a hold of a d/l of the YES set and used it to make their own fan-edit of the album called ”Yes, No, Maybe” with home made extended versions of every track on the album with the b-sides throuwn in. It’s the only version of the album that I listen to now but I am prejudiced.

  9. Yeah That Guy Again says:

    I know you’re gonna hate me (more than you already do) for telling you this, but: Bad Girl (extended mix) IS on CD. It’s on the “Deeper And Deeper” JP CD

    It’s too bad you have such a problem with me. We have very similar tastes in tunes, and while much of our collections are similar, I often have some of the things you don’t and vice versa.

    And truth be told, I am no bigger of an asshole than you are. You have a very sarcastic style that you dish out in your writing that unfortunately you seemingly can’t take in your comments.

    Hope to someday bury the hatchet – in the ground, that is!

  10. Lost Turntable says:

    I was referring to the CD singles for Bad Girl. None of them have the extended mix.

    And I really don’t know who you are. I get lots of mean-spirited comments from many people. Are you the person who called me a dumbass for getting my facts about Love And Rockets wrong? That’s not sarcasm, that’s just being a dick.

    I have no problem with being corrected, I am corrected all the time, because I am wrong all the time. It’s the personal attacks I could do without.

  11. Jason K says:

    ummmm that YES release looks freaking awesome.

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