Biggest Audio Dynamite II

My photos from Outside Lands 2011 are up on Flickr! Enjoy!

Next post I’ll share my thoughts on the festival itself, but I’m still in pain from something stupid I did at the concert, so I don’t feel like sitting in front a computer any more than I have to. Instead, have a metric buttload of BAD II/Big Audio.

Big Audio Dynamite II/Big Audio
The Globe (Single Edit)
The Globe (Single Remix Edit)
The Globe (12″ Mix)
The Globe (Dub Version)
The Globe (By The Orb)
The Globe (Instrumental)
Rush (12″ Mix)
Rush Dance
City Lights
Rush (Live)
Rush (Live) (Different Version)
Medicine Show (Live)
Mirror Man
Looking For A Song (The Zonka/Shapps Remix)
Looking For A Song (Zonka Shapps Early Mix)
Looking For A Song (Extended Album Mix)
Looking For A Song (Zonka’s Adventures In Space)
Okay, that’s it! That’s all the Big Audio (Dynamite) [II] that I have! I feel as if I’ve said all I can about BAD for now, except that “Looking For a Song” is one of the most underrated tracks from an underrated album that you’ll ever hear. Download it and love it.


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  1. James says:

    Great, even astonishing collection! I have enjoyed your blog for many months, and I also enjoyed your enthusiasm in the video. I used to be a concert reviewer and I always heard from artists who said they felt a lot more inspired when they saw devoted fans up in the front. Good for you!

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