Wilburied Alive

I planned a super-big, in-depth post tonight, but I’m in physical pain (read on for details) so instead here are some random scraps of awesomeness. Hopefully I’ll be less disabled in a few days.

The Traveling Wilburys
Handle With Care (Extended Version)
End Of The Line (Extended Version)
Not Alone Any More (Remix)
It’s weird to me that the Traveling Wilburys aren’t more fondly remembered, or remembered much at all for that matter. I mean, this was a band with George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison (…and Jeff Lynne) but they’re rarely mentioned when people talk about the best music of the 80s. Never mind that their first album is one of the finest examples of pop-rock to come out of the decade.

Well, maybe it’s because their music was out of print for so long. It’s hard for people to discover a band when no one can get a hold of the damn music. In 2007 both of their fantastic albums were finally re-released in a super-convenient  2CD set, and I highly recommend picking it up if you have not. There  even re-issued them in a vinyl box set which I finally picked up this weekend while I was trapped in Toledo. It’s funny, I recall that store trying to sell a used copy of the Wilburys’ first release for over $100 when it was out of print, but I scored the LP box set for a measly $45.

The LP box set sounds great, comes with a bunch of cool books, posters and other nifty stuff, and also includes an exclusive 12″ with bonus tracks and B-sides. Most of these tracks are also on the CD set, but the remixes I’m posting tonight are exclusive to the vinyl-only set.

Sadly, there was no extended dance mix of “Tweeter and the Monkey Man” as that only exists in my dreams.

The Stone Roses
Fools Gold (Rabbit In The Moon’s Message To The Majors)
Fools Gold (Rabbit In The Moon’s Straight Beat Pyrite Dub)
Fools Gold (Grooverider’s Mix)
Today I was working out, doing leg lifts, when I heard something crack in my side. That’s never a good thing. Turns out I sprained a ligament in my ribcage. This happened to me once before, during an aquarium-moving mishap, and you know what? It fucking hurts like hell. I went to the doctor today, hoping to at least get some hardcore painkillers out of the ordeal, but he denied me.

And man, these remixes of “Fools Gold” would totally sound awesome if I was on one pain meds right now, but vodka and V8 are just going to have to do I guess.

These are taken from a 12″ single. The “Grooverider’s Mix” is on a Stone Roses remix compilation, but that version isn’t the same as this version, so I’m including it here.

3 Responses to “Wilburied Alive”

  1. Homer J from UK says:

    Hope that injury doesn’t give u 2 much pain.
    When i was about 13(last time i really was fit !!!)i ran a 100 metres(str8 after 800,as was team captain).I was limping b4 sportsday. Went all out in 100 metres fell over & couldn’t walk,was carried out in front of whole school.Had an xray & saw something floating,turns out tore some ligament away from bone.On crutches all the summer holiday!

  2. Stephen says:

    Ribs have ligaments?? Yikes. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. jerodius says:

    goo, feel better and feel the luv

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