Tell Me Where To Get Music

The majority of MP3 blogs I visit have gone dormant.

Comment and tell me some good MP3 blogs.

Thank you very much.

New music here either Monday or Tuesday.

10 Responses to “Tell Me Where To Get Music”

  1. Stephen says: puts out a mixtape of 15-odd songs every Sunday.

  2. Homer J from UK says:

    Apart from urs,these r my only ones i visit(aswell as ‘’)repo136,oldschoolhiphoptapes,beatelectric & phunkula

  3. kels says:

    This remains one of the best archives of out of print 80’s music:

    For live bootlegs, this one can’t be beat:

    Besides yours – the best daily/weekly blogs are:

  4. If you go over to The Vinyl Villain he has a list of some very fine blogs.

  5. Ray says:

    Also the power of independent trucking (I don’t have the URL handy.

  6. Brian says:

    [Link removed]

    Scroll down to the past Sunday and there’s that new huge Depeche Mode remix collection.


    You mean the Depeche Mode remix collection that you can buy in stores?

    Blogs that post entire albums that anyone can go into a store (virtual or otherwise) and buy are nothing more than thieves.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Hashmoder is well worth checking out:


  8. Tim says:

    I just found this blog today

    and am loving it, especially this post

    The Mrs. doesn’t view music like a food group as her husband does but even she said that she was really enjoying that track.

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