When will Charles Bronson get his own song?

In an effort to post all the crap I’ve accumulated over the past few weeks tonight’s post is completely random. Anyone who can find a connection between these three artists gets a cookie.


Love And Rockets
R.I.P. 20C (D.eath M.etal T.echno Mix)
R.I.P. 20C (R.I.P.ella)
When I hear the name “Love And Rockets” I think of the chill folk sound of Earth, Sun, Moon. To be honest, my knowledge of their 90s output was practically nil when I picked up the 12″ single that had these crazy remixes of this crazy song, which is nothing more than singer Daniel Ash droning off a list of acronyms behind a pulsing beat. I mean, I like it, but damn it’s not what I expected. Anyone care to comment on the quality of Love And Rockets later material? Anything worth picking up?

Liebe (ATB Remix)
Liebe (Minimalism Remix)
Liebe (Cyrus & The Joker)
Aside from what I read on Last.fm five minutes ago, I know nothing about Ayla. I bought this 12″ single because of the ATB remix. And since I’m being honest I’ll confess that I know little about him aside from some remixes he’s done and his debut single “9PM (‘Till I Come),” which I fucking love. I also love this track, although in my opinion it sounds shockingly similar to the previously mentioned ATB track, maybe that’s why ATB remixed it?

Sheryl Crow
Steve McQueen (The Minge Binge Great Escape Mix)
Steve McQueen (The Minge Binge Great Escape Dub)
Steve McQueen (Jorio’s Lectoluv Vocal)
Steve McQueen (Jorio’s Lectroluv Dub)
Okay, I feel as if I should preface my discussion of this song with the following: I HATE Sheryl Crow. For real. I cannot stand her. I hate her stupid whiny voice, I hate her boring inane lyrics and I abso-fucking-lutely hate her hideous cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” I only like two songs of hers, and this is one of them.

I really like this song. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s just because I like Steve McQueen? I don’t consider it a guilty pleasure though. I hate that term. To paraphrase Chuck Klosterman, a song cannot be a guilty pleasure because it’s not actually causing you any harm. Cocaine, now that’s a guilty pleasure.

To me, a song like this is an “angry pleasure.” It pisses me off that I like it so much. Other examples for me include The All-American Rejects’ song “Dirty Little Secret” (which is kind of ironic if you think about it) and Bon Jovi’s “Living On A Prayer.” I really hate that I like those songs.

The horribly-named “Minge Binge Great Escape” version is pretty much just the original sped up. The “Lectoluv” versions are much better, and transform the song into something barely recognizable as a Sheryl Crow tune (which is really for the best).

And for the record, the other song of her’s I like is “Safe And Sound.” That song is so beautiful that it almost makes me want to forgive Crow for “A Change Would Do You Good.”


11 Responses to “When will Charles Bronson get his own song?”

  1. Ugly Dog says:

    On the L&R front, if you can find what I believe are the promo remixes of “Holy Fool” released to radio stations, that would be a great pick up.

    Also, Love and Rockets had an alter ego: The Bubblemen. Their single “The Bubblemen are Coming” is worth it for the novelty aspect.

  2. Tim says:

    I don’t know so much about the part about the music not hurting you; Nick Hornby makes a good rhetorical question about the effects of listening to music about loss, rejection, sadness, etc. for hours, days and years on end in ‘High Fidelity.’

  3. Brendan says:

    Latest Mt. Goats album has a hat tip to Bronson. —Brendan

  4. c@meron says:

    of L&R’s later stuff, Hot Trip to Heaven is very electronic ‘n quote triptastic (think it was allegedly influenced by them seeing Orbital play live), then they returned to a more guitar-based organic sound on Sweet FA (probably my fave of theirs)…the album Lift (which R.I.P. 20C is off) is a bit spotty (kind of a combining of the two previous albums, leaning a bit more electro), but overall still worthy…plus it has the song Resurrection Hex actually samples both Bauhaus and Adam & the Ants, which seems sorta sad/ballsy but it sounds badass 😉

  5. Dee Doubleyou says:

    It’s not Daniel Ash on “RIP 20C”, it’s David J. Dumbass. And yes, later period L&R kicks psychedelic ass.

  6. Lost Turntable says:

    Wow, the guy’s name is “David J. Dumbass?”

    Commas and proper capitalization are your friend.

  7. Dee Doubleyou says:

    Nice try, lamebrain. Two periods (or full stops – however you wanna say it) in a row is not considered proper usage. “David J.. Dumbass.” would not be correct. Those are two separate sentences, and as such commas and proper capitalization were observed.

    “David J. Dumbass” would be a funny name, though. I guess it just goes to show that humor can be born out of pathetic ignorance.

  8. Lost Turntable says:

    Ah, I remember you now. You’re the same anonymous coward who decided to waste time by insulting me back in March of 2010. You like the word “ignorance” don’t you? Is it the biggest word you know? Congrats on moving to multisyllabic words. Hopefully one day you can take those words and use them to form intelligent, well-written sentences that show respect towards others.

    And by the way, you could have gone “David J., dumbass” or “David J.” followed by a paragraph break and then “Dumbass.” Both would better show that “dumbass” is a separate part of the sentence and not the last name of “David J.”

    But whatever, I’m going to go listen to good music and write for my blog, of which the majority of people who read seem to enjoy.

    You have fun being a sad little troll.

  9. Tim says:

    I used to manage a hotel and Love & Rockets stayed there once when they came through town. Mr. Ash never left his room, much to the disappointment of the L&R fan on my staff who pretty much camped out at work for the entire time they stayed with us.

  10. Ben says:

    Is there any way you can re-post this entry? (Or do a Sheryl Crow remix post?) Mainly, I have been looking for the Steve McQueen (The Minge Binge Great Escape Mix) for some years and cannot find it ANYWHERE. It would be awesome to hear this song again! Thanks in advance.

  11. shannon says:

    would you be kind to load up the sheryl crow remixes of steve mcqueen.

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