Rush For A Change of Atmosphere

Hey, I’m back.

So, I totally planned on updating this blog a whole bunch last week. Even picked out the songs and everything. But then I went to Disneyworld and, well, it’s really hard to write witty (or even witless) commentary on 80s/90s pop music after walking across the Magic Kingdom for eight hours or traversing the semi-educational wackiness of Epcot for a day and half.

Anyways, it was a crazy week full of ridiculous family bickering, magical princess, Space Mountain and Captain EO, but I’m glad to be back in Pittsburgh, hunched over my computer in my dark office and listening to obscure 90s music.

Speaking of which…

Aztec Camera (with Mick Jones)
Good Morning Britain (recorded live at Glasgow Barrowlands)
Good Morning Britain (Mendelsohn single mix)
Good Morning Britain (Morning Acid Mix)
Good Morning Britain (Hypno-Mix)
Good Morning Britain (Hypnomental)
Good Morning Britain (Hypno-Edit)
Consolation Prize (performed live by Roddy Frame and Edwyn Collins)
I posted  two remixes of “Good Morning Britain almost a year ago to this very day. Eerie. At the time I called the track “moderately awesome.” Well,I think I’m going to upgrade that rating to “all-the-way awesome.” Since I picked up the CD version of the single that included three additional version of this excellent track, I have completely fallen in love with it. I’m not going to lie though, I love this track solely because Mick Jones sings on it. That dude could sing me the phone book and I’d go gaga.

Anyways, a few notes about these remixes. The “Mendelsohn Single Mix” was remixed by Julian Mendelsohn who, according to Wikipedia, is best known for working with the Pet Shop Boys. The various “hypo” mixes were by a group called Laylow Posse, and I know nothing about them aside from what their Discogs entry mentions. The “Hypno-mix” and “Hypno-edit” were on the 12″ single, but oddly on that release they were called the “Kitsch ‘n’ Synch Mix” and the “Vocal Mix.”

The “Morning Acid Mix” was done by one Norman Cook, AKA the bass player from The Housemartins AKA Fatboy Slim, and it totally sounds like it. When Cook is at his best he can take a catchy as hell track and make it even catchier (see his remix of “Brimful of Asha“) and this is no exception. How this remix never ended up on a Fatboy Slim compilation is beyond me.

Mick Jones is nowhere to be found on “Consolation Prize” and for those who are wondering, Edwyn Collins was the lead singer/guitar player for Orange Juice, a post-punk group that shared members with Aztec Camera. It’s still a good track, well as good as a Mick Jones-less track can be.

Big Audio (Dynamite)
Mirror Man
Medicine Show (Live)
Rush (Live)
Yay! More Mick Jones! Not-so-little-known-fact: Mick Jones is the motherfucking man.

Big Audio Dynamite, in their original form even, recently reunited and are even playing a few shows in the states. And guess what? I’m totally going to one! Shockingly though, it’s not Lollapalooza. I’ve been to every Lollapalooza since it became a destination festival, so the fact that I’m going to miss this years is kind of upsetting. It’s a long story, and it involves bloodshed, so I’m not going to get into it.

All is not lost though! Instead I will be going to the Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco! It doesn’t seem to be as good a festival as Lollapalooza (no Foo, added Phish) but hell, it has BAD, throw as many jam bands you want at me, I don’t care. I’m there.

In preparation for this epic occasion, expect many BAD, BADII and Big Audio tracks to be posted here in the coming months. Kicking things off are these three rarities taken from the 2 CD single for “Looking For A Song.” A weird collection for sure, the first CD is actually a greatest hits of radio mixes, while the second is a maxi-single featuring these three tracks and some additional remixes I’ll be posting later.

“Mirror Man” was co-written/performed by Lionel Bart, who wrote Oliver! If someone wants to explain to me how the hell that happened I’d appreciate it. The two live cuts, which were exclusive to this CD single, were taken from the Mick Ronson tribute show in 1994

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  1. Josephus says:

    You are correct. Mick is da MAN! Great posts as always. Much appreciated. Not just nostalgia, but actual appreciation for quality music is what I come here for. THANK YOU!

  2. Todd says:

    WOW! Thaks for the Mick Jones fix for the month! I look forward to the soon to come additions, as well as the review of the live show.

  3. batgrl says:

    Since I can’t make any of the BAM shows I’m totally psyched that you’ll be giving us an update after you see one. Right?

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