I like my trance uncut

My report on the Ultra Music Festival is coming soon. It will be epic, believe me. Until then, here are a couple classics to hold you all over.

What Time Is Love (Pure Trance Original)
What Time Is Love (Pure Trance Mix 2)
During my time in Miami I found one record store, Uncle Sam’s Music in South Beach. It’s a very good store, and if you are ever in the greater Miami area and don’t want to blow all your money on blow, I suggest checking them out. That’s where I made this awesome find. These tracks are from the very first printing of “What Time Is Love” – the one labeled “Pure Trance 1” (KLF 004T) that was deleted soon after it came out. I never thought I’d find one of these in America, let alone for less than 10 bucks. The original version of this classic track is probably the best one. So download and enjoy. The second mix is a little out there, but still damn great and worth having.

Enjoy your trance pure and expect an epic post to go along with this epic music tomorow.

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  1. Homer J from the UK says:

    If you like the first mix of ‘WTIL’,check out ‘Kylie Said To Jason'(the B Side).the first 12” of ‘3AM Eternal’,& the ‘Moody Boys Vs KLF’ mix of ‘WTIL’.
    I have a few mixes of ‘WTIL’,but nowhere near all of them. This must be the most remixed track ever,especially by themselves.
    I used 2 go 2 this good 2nd hand shop called ‘Silly Rabbit’ in the early 90’s & they had loads of different 12”s weekly of them & ‘the Orb’,& i lost count of numbers & what colour the numbers were,& other remixes,etc.
    My mate had a white label of WTIL with loads of KLF logos on sleeve & had it knicked from a club he DJed(along with white label of ‘Loaded’)-what an idiot’. Still if u collect records the next day cos ur 2 drunk & can’t b bothered,that’s what happens if u don’t padlock ur record box!
    To think Drummond & Kaulty done music as a joke! Setting alight 2 a million pounds was a funny story about them. Great group!

  2. dubrobots says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve got a re-press. There was a US edition released in 1989, it was reissued in 1991 (I think), and then there were some slightly less legal reissues in the late 90s. There’s probably some way of telling whether yours is the real deal, but I don’t know what it is. I dare say the reissues are pretty hard to find at such a low price now, so that’s a good find whichever way you look at it.

  3. Homer J says:

    To know if it’s earlier pressing the writing between the grooves & label(hold it 2 the light)will be a clue(tho i don’t know what 1st pressing will have). I’ll dig out mine from the loft & write everything down & email what i find.

  4. basstrack says:

    i’ve been on a heavy trance kick for the past few weeks, stuff like this http://www.ourstage.com/blog/2011/4/3/the-beat-generation-trance-playlist

    first two tracks are really god imo

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