Another Post Before The Ice Storm

Short post tonight, but whatever, it has good music.

So far Pittsburgh has avoided Snowpacalypse 2011. Right now its just raining, and that rain isn’t even of the freezing variety. I’m sure we’ll get some form of wintery hell eventually however. So I’m not leaving my house until Thursday at the absolute earliest. The outside world is really overrated anyways.

Oh hey, I reviewed Pendulum’s new CD, go read that.

Also, while I didn’t review the new Duran Duran CD, my editor did. Read that, I think I like it more than him though. It’s pretty great. Its hard to find good pop music these days.

And hey, speaking of pop music(k)…

Pop Muzik (Britannia ’89 Remix)
Pop Muzik (Cabinet Remix)
Pop Muzik (The Hip Hop Club Remix)
Pop Muzik (The Hip Hop Remix)
Pop Muzik (Tolga’s Version)
Why not? I’ve posted a couple of these before, but if you’re like me and stuck in a fucking winter wonderland, then you might be feeling a bit down. Nothing like some good/great/godlike late 70s synthpop to really lift the spirits! These are all from various singles, CDs and other places. There are like 20 billion remixes of this song, so I’m not even trying to find out if these are available commercially still. I’m far too tired and slightly drunk to worry about that.

2 Responses to “Another Post Before The Ice Storm”

  1. Homer J from UK says:

    Pop Music-please can someone help me! Please can someone help me find a mix of ‘Pop Music’ that was only available via Disco Mix Club subscription service between 84-86. I think it was either a mix by ‘Sanny X’ or ‘Ben Liebrand’. It had loads of songs mixed in,like ‘Rockit & ‘There It Is’. I haven’t heard it since i had a tape from around 86.
    About ur crazy weather-hang in there!

  2. D Rockster says:

    Thanks for the Pop Muzik (Cabinet Remix). Couldn’t find it anywhere but here. You’re a saver.

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