Drew Barrymore could kick The Prodigy’s Ass

Its going to be another week of weird/stupid/bizarre soundtrack selections at Lost Turntable! I know they’re everyone’s favorite. And by “everyone” I mean the copyright police. So get them fast.

Firestarter Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Tangerine Dream
Crystal Voice
The Run
Charly The Kid
Escaping Point
Rainbirds Move
Burning Force
Between Realities
Shop Territory
Flash Final

Firestarter was by far the best movie from 1984 about a pyrokenetic pre-teen girl. It starts Drew Barrymore as the title character, who is on the run with her father from The Shop, a covert government agency whose experiments gave both Drew’s father and mother psychic powers that she somehow inherited. Its about as silly as it sounds, but it has its appeal, mostly because its fucking BRUTAL. The dad has mind control powers that he uses to force people to commit suicide, and at the end of the movie Drew unleashes hell (almost literally), setting about what seems like half of the greater New England area in the process. Its pretty epic. The effects of people getting set ablaze are pretty excellent, and I still don’t know how they engineered some of the scenes where you see people get lit up and fly 50 feet in the air.

While Not as blazingly amazing as that finale, the soundtrack to Firestarter is pretty good. It’s by no means Tangerine Dream’s best, Risky Business, Legend, and even Flashpoint are better, but its still great ambient music. Listen to it while meditating, or to maybe help develop your psychic powers.

Later this week I will be posting the soundtrack to the dumbest movie of 1983. A no-prize to the first person who guesses what that is.

4 Responses to “Drew Barrymore could kick The Prodigy’s Ass”

  1. Stephen says:

    Thanks for the TG!
    Dumbest movie of 1983? I’m going with Porky’s 2.

  2. Todd says:

    I’m not sure how dumb it is, but I’m hoping its “Get Crazy”!!!

  3. eternalkhaos says:

    Either Staying Alive or… Giorgio Moroder’s score for Superman III!!!

  4. Christophe says:

    It could be “Superman 3″…

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