Erasing Logic

Not much to say tonight, why don’t you go listen to all that music!

In My Arms (Dekkard Dub)
Sometimes (John ’00’ Fleming Full Vocal Club Mix)
Sometimes (John ’00’ Fleming Give It Some Welly Dub Mix)
Rain (Jon Pleased Wimmin Dub)
Rain (Jon Pleased Wimmin Vocal Mix)
First Contact (Instrumental Mix)
In My Arms (BBE Mix)

Okay this is the end of the Erasure insanity, for the most part. I still have one more track from this record (the vinyl version of the Rain: Plus EP) that I have to re-record because it was all scratched to hell. So if I can fix that track, I’ll post it. Until then, enjoy the fabulousness. Even without the first track this EP is a real winner. The highlight of course being the remixes of “Somtimes” a song I love so much that I think it could be remixed and remade in an all xylophone arrangement and I’d still dig it.  Althought I worship this track, it has always confused me a bit. I was talking about this track with a friend today, and when pressed I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the song was actually about. The verses are all about love and getting it on, but the choruses are horribly depressing. Now sure, I just summed up nearly all Erasure songs with that little description, but the contrast is even greater here. Anyone care to help?

King Of Snake (Rick’s Bungalow Remix)
King Of Snake (Dave Clarke Remix)

Speaking of confusing lyrics. Shit, if anyone can offer any explanation to any lyrics of any Darren Emerson-led Underworld track I will give them a cookie. I’m going to venture that this song is about snake charmers, or maybe snakes. Nah, it’s probably about GHB. These remixes are from a 12” single.

4 Responses to “Erasing Logic”

  1. Brad says:

    haha you said it best about Darren E’s ramblings!! great songs, but what the hell is he saying…i could care less since the music was great lol maybe its the electronica/ dance version of Elizabeth Frasier of Cocteau Twins or Jonsi from Sigur Ros singing a MADE-UP language! 🙂

    as for Andy & Vince… i NEVER noticed your point, in 20+ yrs of listening to them. now im going to be stuck on it-i have no answer for you. haha but i will say i do love the Danny Rampling remix of “Sometimes”

    enjoy reading the posts!!

  2. Laura says:

    “It’s not the way you throw your clothes
    Upon the bathroom floor”

    I think it’s about the author’s frustration about people not cleaning up after themselves! LOL!


  3. acid ted says:

    Karl Hyde does the Underworld lyrics. Nothing to do with Darren E.

  4. Lost Turntable says:

    Yeah, but the lyrics under Emerson were always even more nonsensical than usual.

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