New Old New Order

I have new (to me) Depeche Mode! Yay!

I have a broken turntable! Boo!

But I found some stuff online to post! Yay!

But I have to write this in Toledo! Boo!

But I also have vodka! Double Yay!

New Order
Blue Monday (Hardfloor Mix)
Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Remix)
Touched By The Hand Of God (Biff & Memphis Remix)
Bizarre Love Triangle (Armand Van Helden Mix)
Ruined In A Day (K-Klass Remix)
Age Of Consent (Howie B. Remix)
Transmission (live)
Such A Good Thing
Theme From ‘Best & Marsh’
True Faith (Pink Noise Morel edit)
Run Wild (Steve Osbourne original mix)

This will be the only post of the week. Because on Thursday I’m making it like Grandpa Simpson and hauling ass to Lollapalooza. I will be honest with you. I did not rip these songs personally, I found them via the magic of the interwebs. They are from two albums, the fifth bonus disc from the New Order compilation Retro, and from the remix compilation (The Rest Of) New Order. Other remixes from both collections have become available on other albums, so I’m not including them.

I have a question for everyone. Why the hell is it so hard for London Records/New Order to get off their ass and release a truly comprehensive box set with EVERYTHING? I want it all. I want the remixes, the single mixes, the b-sides, the remakes, the remixes of the remakes. Everything. I would pay an ungodly amount of money for that. Until then we’ll have to pick apart the various Greatest Hits, compilations and re-issues in hopes of getting all the rare tracks out there. It’s maddening.

5 Responses to “New Old New Order”

  1. Jacques says:

    Thanks for the post, I have to agree about the New Order track availability. The 12x12inch vinyl wasn’t available in “AFRIKA” and if imported most probably would get nicked in the post…I have been able to get the box sets (CD) but a complete collection….I think I would swop the wife for that.
    Can’t wait to see what Mode you found…Let me know if you need any DM.

  2. regularjoe says:

    Check this site out for your new order hankerings, this guy is very lovingly making single by single exactly what you are looking for.

  3. Bill V says:

    These guys have done their own restorations of every New Order-Joy Division release, including many rare remixes and singles…

  4. Homer Jay says:

    Have you heard the Jam & Spoon mix of Blue Monday? It was on the B side of a white label i used to have(bought for 10p at a car boot sale),Hardfloor mix on the A. I always played the B side,didn’t rate the Hardfloor mix.
    Did anyone ever have the original 12″ of Blue Monday with the labels mixed up?

  5. Leo.Rattans says:

    Big thanks to regularjoe and Bill V.
    Looking forward to unzipping those “Dr. Ebbett/Purple Chick”-files.

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