Nothing’s caught on fire yet! Let us celebrate with Erasure remixes!

So far the transition seems to be going rather well, don’t you think? I’m sure my hits have plummeted, but I don’t care too much about that. I’m content with just the people who really care about this kind of crap reading this, popularity (and the DMCA notices that seem to come with it) is overrated. Still, I like some people coming here, so I’m going to have to re-register with every damn aggregator site, which will for sure be a pain in the ass. And if any of you bloggers who link to me are reading this, don’t forget to change your links! Eventually I’m going to set the Blogger blog on fire. But there will be time for that later.

I kind of picked a lousy time to finally do this move. I got Lollapalooza next week, so there will probably be a very quick update next Monday or Tuesday, and then absolutely nothing for at least a week. Compounding annoyance, the belt in my turntable is starting to go, so I had to order a new one today. While the variance in speed is very minor at the moment, it’s bugging me like crazy, so I’m not going to be recording anything until that belt comes in. Thankfully, this will overlap with my Lolla time, so it shouldn’t be a problem. If the new belt doesn’t fix the problem, then I’m going to have to finally cave in and get a direct-drive table. If that happens, then I’ll fill the downtime with some “greatest hits” of bygone posts. So I’m sure none of you will complain. If anyone out there wants to recommend a good turntable that is NOT an ION USB turntable, please make note in the comment section. Just don’t recommend an SL-1200, I know they are awesome, but I don’t have six hundred bucks at the moment.

Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day) (Figures In Crumbs)
Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day) (Twilight 0.2)
Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day) (Dub On The Moon)
Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day) (Tin Tin Out Remix)
Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day) (Twilight Plus)

To the person who complained about a lack of Depeche Mode…well played. I actually wanted to start off Lost Turntable 2.0 with a Depeche Mode post, but I’ve already posted all my rare Depeche Mode several times over! Shit, most of what I posted isn’t even rare anymore since iTunes and Amazon put the singles box sets on their stores. The Erasure singles box sets (which I sadly do not have) are still out of print though! These remixes are not from a vinyl (see above issue) and are instead from a CD single. I apologize for the lower-than-average bitrate, but I did not rip them.

4 Responses to “Nothing’s caught on fire yet! Let us celebrate with Erasure remixes!”

  1. VintageBandit says:

    Thanks much for this. Any chance you might have the Alison Moyet acoustic mix ‘it won’t be long’ and the Devo ‘watch us work it’ mixes?

  2. Musicologist says:

    Hi, I don’t know if it’s a Firefox-issue, but the RSS-Icons of visitited posts are not marked, so one doesn’t know which post ist visited. Keep going your nice page!!!

  3. Ximeremix says:

    Well, I’m here and enjoying the remixes. Hopefully some others are on their way.

  4. drfeelgoed says:

    Many thanks for the Wire remix, that one was almost impossible to find anywhere on the web.

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