Do It Big Tickets Sucks

Tonight there are two posts. One without music and one with. I don’t want to sully the music with tonight’s little diatribe. If you only come here for the tunes then just skip this post all together.

I hate the fact that I have to moderate my comment section. I wish people could just post away on there. But that can’t happen. I first had to enable comment moderation because of some random sick fucker posting stuff I won’t get into. But I had to keep it up because I get an insane amount of spam comments. They’re all the same, something like “I love your blog. What do you think of RANDOM GENERATED PRODUCT” with a link to a shit site. They are incredibly annoying.

I’ve been getting a ton recently from one site. I seemingly can’t reject them as fast as they show up. It’s maddening. Now, I’m sure these asshole WANT me to mention their site, because they want hits. Well I am going to mention their site, but not in the way they want.

Now, no matter what you do, DON’T GO TO THIS SITE for reasons that will become abundantly clear in the coming paragraphs.

The site spamming my blog is Do It Big Tickets. They’re scalpers. I fucking hate scalpers. I really fucking hate how scalping is somehow legal now, but that’s not the point of this rant. If Do It Big Tickets wants to make money by being the scum sucking cockmongers of the live music industry, then more power to them. But Do It Big Tickets should know that spamming other sites comment section is not an effective or ethical way to shill their useless site on the masses.

They don’t even do it right! The comments are lame, generic and don’t even mention the site’s name. I write SEO (Search Engine Optimized) content for a living, and let me tell you, these comments would never do a good job at generating hits or improve search results.

Maybe I should show them how it’s done then…

Are you looking for someone to rob you, pour sugar in your gas tank and punch your dog in the face? The go to Do It Big Tickets! Do It Big Tickets is your number one source for unethical business practices, shoddy customer service and infated ticket prices. In fact, Do it Big Tickets is the number one site on the internet for illegal business practices and price gauging. Want to see your favorite band for an affordable price? You can’t! Because Do It Big Tickets hates you. Remember, if you want to pay too much for tickets, get ripped off and treated like shit then Do It Big Tickets is the site for you!

Now, that is SEO content. See how often I mentioned the site’s name, usually next to words liek “scam,” “illegal” and “price gauging”? That might help influence search results. Having their name in the title of this post certainly will. It’s done wonders for Pitchfork Editor Scott Plagenoef search results (see the fifth one down) and those who want to know if Sting is a pussy.

Man I’m glad this site isn’t read by anyone. Because that was incredibly unprofessional and immature.

8 Responses to “Do It Big Tickets Sucks”

  1. ChuckMcB says:


    p.s. it's worked…you are now ranked #2 on Google SERP for "Do It Big Tickets" 😉

  2. The Unheard says:

    Who cares that it was unprofessional, it was beautifully written and got the point across marvelously! Bravo LT! I understand the need for ticket scalpers but I agree that spamming a blog to promote your site being simply ridiculous, and that goes for all spammers. Fuck 'em all.

  3. @ntK says:

    Nice rant.Hope it felt good to get it out.I genuinely do really like the site, the music and what you have to say.I appreciate the fact that people like yourself make the effort to pass on your enthusiasm for music and give us a chance to hear stuff we might not hear otherwise. In some cases you give me the chance to hear tracks I used to have and I curse the day I thought it was ok to sell off my vinyl collection. I can understand how the plonkers who waste your time trying to advertise rip-off sites can make what is obviously something you enjoy,a bit of a chore.Stick with it and dont let the b******s get you down.Cheers.@

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lost Turntable DJ,

    You're my hero!


  5. Jozephus says:

    hahaha. Awesome. As always mate, your combination of words AND music are precisely what makes this music blog unique, there's a live, beating, heart behind it. Thank you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I read the original article…it reminds me of a magazine I once worked for…the publish was a lying POS who would borrow money from his family to keep his startup going, while lying to them about how our circulation and those subscribing kept growing, when we actually had like maybe 150 subscribers…I couldn't handle it…the douche got what he deserved…but I hate that kind of "journal-jism" as I like to call it…where some fuck just spews shit all over that's not real journalism or real writing, yet they seem to get off on the look at me aspect of it all.

  7. setphx says:

    I always visit to read your useful rambling. It certainly is refreshing you have NOT changed and continue to give me a chuckle. I am NOT in favor of scalpers and even dumb shits are willing to be sucked into the vortex of stupidity- so be it. I will not pay more than a 100 bucks for any concert as it's just as bad as paying out hundreds of dollars to watch sports. Who are we actually paying? F*4K all celeberities and companpoies benefiting!

  8. acompleteunknown says:

    I have the same problems over at my blog. I don't get the ticket scalpers. But I get a ton of other crap like "I totally agree with everything you said." Nice article you must have done a lot of research. Article? It's a blog post you morons. Then 50% of the comments are in Russian. My blog's in English so I'm not even sure what that's about.

    Anyway…great post as usual. now…can we get back to the Depeche Mode? 😉

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