I know what I have and I still have it. So hah.

Random pop culture recommendations:

Foxy Shazam’s new self-titled CD is un-be-fucking-lievable. Buy it.
How To Train Your Dragon is amazing. See it in 3D if you can.
The Protomen kick ass. Buy everything they have and see them live if possible.

Janet Jackson
Got ‘Til It’s Gone (Def Club Mix)
Got ‘Til It’s Gone (Def Radio Mix)
Got ‘Til It’s Gone (Armand Van Helden Speedy Garagez Mix)
Got ‘Til It’s Gone (Nellee Hooper Master Mix)
Got ‘Til It’s Gone (Jimmy Jam Mellow Mix)
Got ‘Til It’s Gone (Ummah’s Uptown Saturday Night Mix)
Got ‘Til It’s Gone (Original Extended Version)
Got ‘Til It’s Gone (Ummah Jay Dee’s Revenge Mix)
Got ‘Til It’s Gone (LP Instrumental)
This is probably my fifth favorite Janet Jackson song. Behind “Nasty,” “Rhythm Nation,” “Control” and “If.” Although that last one is probably my favorite solely because of the video which was just…damn. Sure it may not be that risque now but it left quite the impression on me when I was 12.

But anyways, were here to talk about this song, which was apparently produced by the late great J. Dilla. And if you know who J. Dilla is then you probably already knew that. You also probably already knew that the “Ummah” mixes of the song were remixed by the Dilla also. Well look at you, aren’t you smart. Show off. These are from a 12” single.

Causing a Commotion (Silver Screen Mix)
Causing a Commotion (Dub)
Causing a Commotion (Movie House Mix)
Now, don’t get me wrong, “Causing a Commotion” is an excellent pop song. I love it. That’s why I bought the 12” single. But the “Movie House Mix,” is nearly 10 minutes long. And unlike “Atomic Dog,” you can have too much of this number. The six-minute “Silver Screen Mix” is far more palpable. You’ve been warned. Also listening to either version will probably cause the chorus to be stuck in your head for about six hours.

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