If we all wish hard enough maybe Leno will stay off the air.

I can dream can’t I?

Through The Walls (Ric Ocasek Vocal Version)
I recently bought the 2002-2010 box set by RJD2. It’s a great deal. For 56 bucks you get RJ’s first two albums, The Horror EP (probably one of the best EPs/remix comps ever made) and a bonus EP of previously unreleased material. It’s all on vinyl but comes with a download code. Of course, a notable omission is RJ’s critically-maligned The Third Hand, but that was left out most likely due to label issues, as that’s the only album he doesn’t own the rights to. Another bummer is that there are no bonus b-sides or remixes, aside from the stuff on the previously mentioned bonus EP.

But most annoying is the download code and “bonuses” that come with it. The download is janky and messed up, each album you download is saved as the same name, so unless you rename them you might accidentally save over your downloads. It’s a stupid glitch that should have never happened.

Also included on the download page is a zip full of “rare photos” taken by RJD2. These are pictures of promotional materials and would probably appeal to the die-hard RJD2 fan, but some are out of freaking focus and most are obviously put together in a rushed and haphazard way (i.e. framed poorly and whatnot).

Now, I don’t want this to be one big RJD2 bashing session. It should be clear that I’m a big fan of the dude. I even interviewed him a few months ago for a magazine and I can tell you that he’s super nice, patient and a joy to talk to. However, when it comes to putting together a digital package for his next box set, I hope he takes a bit more time in putting it together.

The above song is not on the 2002-2010 box set. I found it on a sampler ages ago. A sampler that was stolen by a stoner roommate I had. I recently found it again online thanks to a friend. The album version of “Through The Walls” is good, but this remix, which features Ric Ocasek, is a freaking masterpiece – the best Cars song The Cars never wrote.

Lord Finesse
Shorties Kaught In The System (Remix)
I know almost nothing about this dude. But if his voice sounds familiar that’s because you’ve heard it before, give it a second. Can you figure it out? Right about now you should download the song. Right about now it should be hitting you. Check it out now. (Is that hint obvious enough?) This remix is from a weird 12” single that had a ton of not-rare Pharycde tracks on it.

The Pharcyde
Soul Flower (Gutter RMX)
Soul Flower (Tatelarock RMX)

Hey, speaking of Pharcyde…it’s almost like I planned that nice little segue. These are also from a 12”.

3 Responses to “If we all wish hard enough maybe Leno will stay off the air.”

  1. BURN LENO BURN!!! says:

    AHEM… FUCK JAY LENO!!! Conan will kick his ass wherever he goes. Just wait till they find no one watching Leno after NBC chased off their audience.

    Just my two cents. Keep running an amazing blog as always!

  2. Anonymous says:

    dude the genres on the mp3s seem way for some. that rjd2 song is NOT hiphop. it's good, but NOT hiphop

  3. The Lost Turntable says:

    You got a right click button dude, if you don't like it then change the thing. Geez.

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