Blogging Till I Puke

Hey look, I got some music.

Andrew W.K.
Party Till You Puke (Remix)
Party Till You Puke (Shout Out Mix)
Dance Party (Anti Never Ending Music Mix)
I Want To Kill (Build It Up Mix)
Old Man

The first person to figure out and explain to me all this insanity involving Andrew W.K.(s) get a thousand cookies and the New Order MP3 of their choice. Is he a different person now? Is it all a hoax? Is he a clone? My money is on Andy Kaufman-style prank – or maybe he’s part of an ultra-positive, party-happy alien force that is inexplicably big in Japan. These are from a 12” and the mediocre quality is from the source material and not my fault (for once). These mixes make me want to mosh till dawn and on.

Touch Me
Show Me

Hey everyone! Soundgarden got back together! Wait, where are you going? Hey, it’s not going to sound like Scream, we promise! Actually, I make no guarantees. God, I hope not though. Grunge was already dead enough, it didn’t need Timbaland’s help. These two tracks are from the 12” to “Rusty Cage.”

3 Responses to “Blogging Till I Puke”

  1. rpchurch says:

    Kudos, buddy! Best post since Howard the Duck (not kidding, I loved that one).

  2. The Unheard says:

    Can I ask for something else if I explain this to you?

    Andrew has been cultivating this alternate personality theory for a long time, allowing it to flourish courtesy of a number of web sites he has allowed to exist which purport to explain, but instead further confuse, the whole Steev Mike thing. Stories have been going around that Steev is a guy that looks just like Andrew, that he helped Andrew get his start, and lots of other crap.

    In reality, it seems Steev Mike might just be a pseudonym for Andrew, one that he doesn't want to get rid of since it continues to get him attention. If Andrew was just Andrew, regardless of him being a bit odd to begin with anyway, he still wouldn't have the weird cult discussions going on about him which can lead to things as ridiculous as the NME posting a story about the Steev Mike conspiracy.

    Anyway, if you REALLY want to go further into this, there are some overly detailed and downright confusing websites with all kinds of info on the supposed Steev Mike thing. I don't really care about all of that as I think Andrew is Andrew, and no amount of weird-ass conspiracy theorizing is gonna change my mind. This is, after all, the guy who was a member of the Pterodactyls, whose name I believe I've spelled wrong because it's actually supposed to be misspelled, and whose father owns the label his initial releases came out on. It's no big shock to me that he's as weird as he is, to me that's just part of the fun of Andrew WK.

    By the way, please don't bite my head off for that rambling piece of text. There actually is something I'd like your help with that you've featured here before, but I'll save that mention until you confirm whether I've helped or hindered you in your quest for the truth about Mr. WK.

  3. Scaryduck says:

    He's just franchised it out. Every country gets their own Andrew WK, who parties hard, beats himself up and puts out the odd record.

    I got the gig for Liechtenstein. Hey, it's a job.

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