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I actually have some stuff to say about tonight’s music so I’m going to skip my usually random BS intro and just cut to the chase. Besides, seeing both John Travolta and Rod Stewart on Conan tonight zapped my brain of any creativity. What the fuck was that? Old semi-talented has-been night on the Tonight Show? It was painful.

Pop Musik (Tolga’s Version)
Shockingly this is the first remix of “Pop Musik” I’ve found. I would assume this sucker has been remixed both illegally and legally about a billion times over. It’s just one of the most brilliant tracks ever written. Best one-hit-wonder that isn’t Tainted Love? Maybe. This weird remix from the early 90s was from a German 12” single that contained another remix of a late-70s/early-80s dance track…

Blue Feather
Let’s Funk Tonight (Celebrate Remix)
…which would be this track right here. Everything I know about Blue Feather I found out on Wikipedia about 20 minutes ago, so I’m not going to go into any detail, you can read it for yourself. This song is retarded though, and there should be a worldwide ban on using “funk” as a replacement for “fuck” unless you are George Clinton. Okay maybe Bootsy Collins can too but that’s it. No one else. I’m talking to you Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Techno Madness
Techno Madness (Lime Light Mix)
Techno Madness (Original Club Mix)
Techno Madness (Radio Edit)
Techno Madness (Scott’s Med Mix)

Okay, I found it. The search is over. This is, without question, the stupidest techno song of all time. Nearly every stereotype from 90s techno is here, collected in these four remixes. You got the sample of Chuck D yelling “bass!”, random sirens, the generic hard synth riff, and even some “woos” thrown in for good measure. All it’s missing is some hoovers, an Amen Break and that James Brown “Woo! Yeah!” sample. That is represented on tonight’s blog post in that Blue Feather remix.

Techno Madness is the name of the song and the performer, who exactly “Techno Madness” might be is a bit of a mystery. I can find no information on this person. This track was released by ZYX Records, which is a German label, so I’m willing to bet whomever “Techno Madness” is he/she/they/it is from Europe. Besides, Americans weren’t making this kind of stupid dance music in 1992, we were busy making our own bran of stupid dance music (see C+C Music Factory, Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch for examples).

Binary Sunset
Point Four
A quick addendum to tonight post to prove I listen to some “intelligent” electronic music. This is nifty neato-keen spaced-out drum ‘n’ bass from a 2-12” EP I got a few years ago. I don’t know much about Blame but I dig his style based on what I’ve heard. If you download these tracks and like what you hear then I suggest you check out this post of mine from a while back for some similar stuff.

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