Emergency David Bowie Post

Sometimes a David Bowie emergency arises, and his music must be posted. It happens.

David Bowie
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) (Australian Promo Extended Version)
This remix is not from me. It is from Dreamtimemix, the coolest MP3 blog on the motherfucking internet. I’ve been looking for this track for far too long, and it turned out that the guy behind this blog posted it a while ago. Becoming a total hypocrite, I begged him to repost it and he did. I’m putting it up to help give his servers a break. If you like it, go tell him how awesome he is.

There are a lot of different versions of this track, and this one is the rarest by far, only released in Australia, it’s almost a full three minutes longer than the soundtrack version and over four minutes longer than the vastly inferior version that appears on Let’s Dance. This amazing, truly classic track is getting a well-deserved second life now that Quentin Tarantino decided to put it in his latest flick, Inglourious Basterds. Describing how it’s used would be a huge spoiler, but it fits the scene so well that it’s almost like Tarantino wrote the script around its use, which actually would not surprise me. This song is a bloody masterpiece, download it. It’s probably the best song that Bowie released in the 80s.

Bonus Bowie!
Sound + Vision (808 GiftMix)
Sound + Vision (808 ‘Lectric Blue Remix Instrumental)
Sound + Vision (David Richards Remix 1991)

Since I hate doing one song posts, here’s a little bonus treat. In 1991 a four-track EP was released, credited to David Bowie vs. 808 State. It featured three remixes of the classic Bowie track (and the original version, which I am not posting), all presumably done by the legendary electronica group 808 State. These are great remixes and well worth the download.

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4 Responses to “Emergency David Bowie Post”

  1. Barry says:

    At first, I thought this was gonna be an extended mix of the irksome Let's Dance version of the song. But no, it's the Cat People version instead! Nice find!

    I'm glad I haven't seen Basterds in a theater. I'd jump outta my seat during that scene. "Omigod! It's that Cat People 'Putting out fire with gasoline' song!" And everyone'd be like "Huh?"

  2. ǝoɾ says:

    One of my favorite Bowie tracks Thank you!

  3. Barry, if you didn't see it in a theater when where may I ask did you see it?


  4. Barry says:

    Actually, I haven't seen the movie anywhere yet. I'll probably save my 10 bucks for Black Dynamite in October.

    Here's a link to some extended remix versions of obscure 80's pop songs. Some of them are pretty tacky though. Peter Frampton?! Yikes.

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