Sucka MCs Should Call Me Sometime

First of all, shout outs to everyone who hooked me up with those Janet Jackson remixes. I will be hosting them myself in a few days, so if you can’t get the files from the comment section just hold tight.

Now, without further ado here is my promised totally amazing old-school(ish) hip-hop post. Next up will be some ultra-bizarre/obscure/alternative hip-hop, which I hope to get up tomorrow. Until then, peace out my homies.

2 Live Crew
We Want Some Pussy (89′ House Mix)
We Want Some Pussy (The Classic “Dance”)
We Want Some Pussy (Liberty City Long Hard Mix)
We Want Some Pussy (Live In Concert)
So many things to talk about with this one. There’s the label art (classy), this AMAZING brochure I found in the sleeve, and ever-present 2 Live Crew disclaimer, “Unauthorized duplication wil get you messed up by the The Ghetto Style DJs.” Then there’s the song itself, a classic if there ever was one. Actually, no sarcasm aside this is a pretty damn good old-school rap song and you can’t deny that it’s catchy as hell. The house remix is full of recognizable samples, it has the James Brown “Oh! Yeah!” that you probably know from “It Takes Two” as well as a synth note from “Trans-Europe Express”/”Planet Rock.” The Liberty City mix also has a kickin’ guitar riff, but I can’t place it. If anyone knows where that sample came from please let me know. Be warned, this is 20 plus minutes of “We Want Some Pussy.” After listening to all 20 minutes multiple times it’s fairly obvious to me that these motherfuckers wanted their fucking pussy. I hope they got it.

Run D.M.C.
King Of Rock (Cut-Up Mix)
Call up a friend when you’re listening to this one and when they ask you what you’re doing say, “Listing to the best track of all time motherfucker, what are YOU doing?” Taken from a 12” single.

Beastie Boys
Intergalactic (Instrumental)
Intergalactic (The Strawberry Bath and Jelly Soles Instrumental Version)
Super-bummed about MCA’s cancer diagnosis. Was stoked to see these guys kick it old school (really old school, dudes are over 40) at Lollapalooza this year. But I guess that will have to wait. Word just came out that The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are replacing them as headliners that day. That’s cool, but they better do a cover of “Sabotage” in tribute. These instrumentals are from a 12”.

Mix Master Mike
Can of Ass Kicks (2 min Itchy Flea Bonus)
Bangzilla (Instrumental)
The i Micronaut
Can’t mention The Beasties without mentioning The Mix Master. These are B-sides from a couple of 12” singles. For more Mix Master goodness check out the live video for “Three MCs and One DJ.”

3 Responses to “Sucka MCs Should Call Me Sometime”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for posting these. That Run-DMC track is nuts.

    I'm pretty sure the "Liberty City" guitar part you're referring to isn't actually a sample…

    I saw 2 Live Crew a few times in the eighties, and their DJ (Mister Mixx) was always way better than the rest of the group.

  2. Beatz says:

    Just nibble on my dhick lick a rat does cheese. I mean, really. That should be in the songwriters' 'Hall-O'Fame'. In the 90's, I was with some friends…we went to a drag bar. One of the performances featured a bunch of boys dressed as thugs lipsyncing about wanting their pu**y. Pretty funny for a gay, drag bar.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good lookinggggggg

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