Whites Lines! Snort this post!

I’m stoked.

Duran Duran
White Lines (Junior’s House Mix)
White Lines (Sound Factory Dub)
White Lines (70s Club Mix)
White Lines (Oakland Funk Mix)
White Lines (Freestyle Mix)
White Lines (Sound Factory Dub 2)
White Lines (Global Groove Mix)
White Lines (Rif Raf Mix)
Today whilst browsing the selection at The Greatest Store In The World I found a blank white label promo with a pink Duran Duran sticker on it. Curious, I picked it up and discovered that it was the 2×12” promo single for “White Lines!”

Most people would be all “meh” but “White Lines” is totally one of my favorite songs of all time, fitting somewhere between Prince “Erotic City”, Sugarcubes “Fucking in Rhythm and Sorrow (Live)” and George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog.” It’s the only real reason I bought the 86-95 singles box set that Duran Duran put out a few years back (that and some cool versions of “Ordinary World”) because that box set had two remixes of the (should-be) classic tune, the “70s Club Mix” and Junior Vasquez’s House Mix. In addition to those two versions, this 2×12” promo had six additional ones! I nearly wet myself. The 2 LPs of happiness cost me a scant 6 bucks, I ran (drove) home and immediately put them on my turntable. I was nervous. I’ve had a bad run of luck lately with records, and have lost several mixes to scratchy, skip-filled LPs over the past few weeks. Thankfully both of these records were crystal clear, with nary a skip nor scratch to be found. Awesome.

This song has a bad rep I just don’t get it. It’s one of the best party tracks of the nineties, and is probably the best cover of a rap song by a non-rap group in the history of the planet (not including the P.E./Anthrax version of “Bring the Noise”). I think its lack of credibility comes from the fact that its on Thank You, which didn’t exactly light the world on fire when it came out. Sure, that album has some pretty big problems (“911 is a Joke”) but it has a few choice cuts on it, including their beautiful version of “Perfect Day” and a damn good cover of “Ball Of Confusion.”

At least I know I’m not the only person that likes the song.

5 Responses to “Whites Lines! Snort this post!”

  1. Benjamin says:

    I enjoyed this as well. Thanks so much for the mixes. I've never heard any of them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    still doesn't top the original!

  3. ddmixer says:

    I love these mixes of White Lines. I totally agree with your comments about this song. I have this 12" set also. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    totally agree, very underrated and Thank You is a great lp too.

  5. setphx says:

    I think it is under-rated as the original classic is a hard act to follow. BUT, Duran Duran did a great job of remixing and it should have recieved more attention. I was missing the sound factory versions- thanks for the post!
    DJ VYL

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