Blogger Smash!

I had a very bad day today. Usually I like to counter by bad days with hardcore industrial music, but an industrial song doesn’t exist that is hard enough to counteract my rage for the shitstorm of a day I had. It would have to be a collaboration between Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Mussolini Headkick and the sounds of a factory itself for me to exorcise the demonic rage within me. So instead I’m gonna put up some Stereolab and shit. Whatever.

The Phoenix
Big Hum
According to Discogs Dajjamondo is an alias for Marcel Hol, he has about a billion other AKAs (my favorite one is Bizarre. Supreme!) and he’s from Belgium. He’s the only Belgium techno producer I’ve ever heard who wasn’t obsessed with incredibly graphic sexual metaphors, so good for him. These tracks are trance, nothing spectacular, but worthwhile for fans of the genre.

Spear Of Destiny
Was That You? (Live)
Miami Vice (Live)
Outlands (Live)
Was That You? (Remix)
I’v heard of Spear of Destiny for a while and I’ve been meaning to pick up their supposedly awesome album Westworld for a few months. I respect any band that named an album after a movie that featured Yul Brenner as a killer cowboy robot. Also, that album was produced and features guitar by Mick Jones, and he’s my Jesus. This song was not on Westworld originally, it was on Outland. I got these versions from a 12” single and I have been enjoying them for a few days.

Miss Modular (Automator Mix)
Rainbo Conversation (Russell Simins Mix)
Refractions in the Plastic Pulse (Autechre’s Feedbate Mix)
Contronatura (Kid Loco’s Prelude to the Autumn of a Faun Mix)
This is a band that I’ve always wanted to get more into. When they were their most popular with the college crowd they were definitely not my thing, I was more into IDM glitch and hardcore metal. The smooth stylings of these wacky Brits were just not my thing. Now I’m finally coming around and they go “on hiatus.” These remixes are truly amazing and really worth the downloads. The Autechre mix of “Refractions in the Plastic Pulse” is a real highlight, combining Stereolab’s smooth grooves with Autechre’s crazy-ass polyrhythmic beats. Crazy crazy shit and one of the favorite songs of mine that I’ve put up in a long while.

5 Responses to “Blogger Smash!”

  1. FrankNBen says:

    Thanks for the Stereolab – loving that Eurythmics remix, too. As always, your site makes the workday less painful.

  2. gusset says:

    Spear of Destiny were Kirk Brandon's band after Theatre of Hate. Twas TOH who made Westworld.

    Loving the Stereolab.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. micah says:

    hm. when i have that same mood, this album works well for me. here's a track from it for you; let me know if you want the rest.

    NKVD "Barbarians"

  4. Anonymous says:

    Try some chemlab on those days…burnout at the hydrogen bar is probably the best for a bad day but the accucrack version of oxidizer is quickly becoming my second favorite. Well, that and the remix album rock whore vs. dance floor. Check 'em out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    By any chance….do you have or know how to get C.S.M. "Just Can't Get Enough" or Plastic Bertrand's "Sex Tabou"…you've blown me away with some of your selections…and there are the only 2 songs I can't track down…much love and gratis for your great choices…

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