Today was the first time since I broke my rib/joint/tendon that I was able to work out. I just got done lifting weights while listening to Fear. I could punch God in the face right now I’m so pumped.

On a completely unrelated note, I finally got around to updating my blog roll, check it out, there’s some good stuff there, especially Friendsound, who get deluxe bonus points for putting up a rare CD by Scanner, one of my favorite electronic acts.

Tonight’s post is full of weird, awesome and weird awesome.

Slow Bongo Floyd
More Than Jesus (SBF Mix)
More Than Jesus (Irresistible Force Mix)
Open Your Heart (11 O’Clock Mix)
Open Your Heart (Piano Mix)
Talk about a surprise. I bought this record on a complete whim, mostly because of the ridiculous band name, and was complete gobsmacked by the unbelievable awesomeness hidden in its grooves. This is some crazy-ass Madchester shit to the 10th degree, house beats layered behind wah wah guitars and trippy-ass vocals. I can find next to nothing on these guys. There seems to be a semi-official site dedicated to them, but it’s bloody awful only giving out the most basic of information. That site mentions two albums, Acid House Inspirational and Brenda Salmons. I can’t find the first one anywhere but it seems that Brenda Salmons was just re-released digitally and you can pick it up on Amazon for a cheap six bucks! I bought it and am listening to it right now. I’ll let you all know how it is in the coming days. However, if you liked The Stone Roses or The Happy Mondays you need to download this shit and check it out, it’ll blow your mind that you haven’t heard it before. If anyone out there has any other rare Slow Bongo Floyd tracks for the love of God hook a brother up.

Heaven 17
Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry Parts One & Two (Uninterrupted Single Version)
Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry (Extended Dance Version)
I’m new to Heaven 17, having recently discovered how awesome early Human League was, I’ve branched out and picked up a few Heaven 17 singles and I have to be honest; I’m a little disapointed. I was hoping that the guys from Heaven 17 took the weird from Human League with them when they left, but it sounds like they didn’t. Based on the insanely dark name of this track I was expecting “Being Boiled” round 2, but instead I got an upbeat dance number about the opression of the working class. It’s not a bad song, but damn talk about not having something meet your expectations.

Lene Lovich
Blue Hotel (Dance Mix)
Lene Lovich was an American singer, but she found much more success in England, having signed to Stiff Records when all the cool kids (Elivs Costello, Ian Dury, Wreckless Eric) were doing it. This remix to one of her best tunes is from a 12” single. If you like it I suggest checking out her other stuff, it’s all pretty good.

Rosebud (Extended Dance Mix)
Theme For Rosebud (Cinematic Mix)
Rosebud (FM Mix)
These guys are fucking weird. That’s all I got to say.

9 Responses to “SLOW BONGO FLOYD FTW!!!”

  1. Webbie @ Football and Music says:

    Re – Heaven 17: You need to search out for some B.E.FMusic For Stowaways or – Music For Listening To would be right up your street.

    Also: Heaven 17 (sadly without Ian Craig Marsh) have redone some H17 & Human League songs on an album released last year – Naked As Advertised (Version 08).

  2. micah says:

    yeah, i could never figure that out, too. _travelogue_ is such an amazing, out-there album. both of the albums that came out immediately after that by the guy who made up the human league at that point? poppy and corny as hell. strange.

    the only heaven 17 track i like is “let me go”, mostly due to the clonky drony bits.

    british electronic foundation (?) isn’t bad, but doesn’t really compare the the first two human league albums.

  3. Cortez says:

    All I know of Slow Bongo Floyd is their cracking 'Underwater' remix of Fishes Eyes, by the kings of trippy-ass vocals & crazy-ass Madchester shit, the New Fast Automatic Daffodils.

  4. Cortez says:

    Fucking ridiculous band name as well.

  5. Ctelblog says:

    Sadly, the mixes of Slow Bongo Floyd you have are their best work. The Brenda Salmons album is disappointing by contrast.

    There were two Irresistible Force remixes of More Than Jesus. Do say if you don’t have the other one.

  6. STEFAN M— says:

    Thanks for the add, friend.

    Stefan M— / Friendsound

  7. King AdBeck says:

    Check out the archives at for more Slow Bongo Floyd – he used to have a bunch of their stuff posted.

  8. Anonymous says:

    good to see spear of destiny get a mention.
    westworld album is actual by theatre of hate,i think the second album aria of the devil was better,.
    as for spear,they released an album a couple of years ago called loadestone,an absolute must own if you like your guitars heavy.superb album.

  9. D.J. says:

    I just listened since ages to the B side of the 12" of "open you heart". Track name is Genius and I must say this track is GENIUS. We played this track in the beginning of the nineties at a club in Rotterdam (Netherlands). Just awesome.

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