Tubular Bananas in Tail Pipes

I’m crazy busy reviewing awful music so just a quick post tonight, but before that some links to reviews of CDs that don’t suck.

Depeche Mode – Sound Of The Universe:
I liked it, surprise I know.
Radiohead – OK Computer (Special Edition): Just fucking buy it.

J&B Orchestra
Tubular Bells (Club Mix)
Tubular Bells (Dub Mix)
On a list of tracks I thought would get remixed by a Disco Italo artist “Tubular Bells”…is actually pretty high up there. Disco Italo is weird, so it’s not that surprising. Imagine the corniest aspects of New Wave, Disco and House music…tha’ts Disco Italo. This remix/remake of “Tubular Bells” (AKA the song in The Exorcist) appropriately exorcises all creepiness from the track and turns it into a fun little club jam.

Harold Faltermeyer
Axel F (The M&M Mix)
Axel F (Extended Version)
I’ve been collecting records for 10 years now. I know I have a pretty impressive collection, but I’ve always thought something was missing. I looked at my shelves upon shelves of 12” singles with an emptyness in my heart, a lacking, a yearning for something I didn’t quite understand. But now that I have the 12” single to Axel F I knew that is what was lacking. That was the missing piece, the keystone if you will, to my collection. My collection is now complete (not really). These remixes are awesome and I suggest everyone listen to them whilst jogging and/or fighting to avenge James Russo’s death.

Side Note: The first mix has little, if nothing, to do with M&M’s…I think.

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