Dreaming Of Tangerines In Space

Haven’t gone through all the links yet, but I’ve already discovered some pretty sweet ones thanks to you people. There are so many good sites out there but for every quality blog there are 50 that are pure shite, so thanks everyone for acting as my filter. Now here’s some music no one will want as a reward.

FM – Black Noise
A great Canadian rock trio that specializes in space-themed prog. Rush? Fuck no! I’m talking about FM! FM is awesome, well at least this album is, I haven’t been able to find anything else by the group. How awesome is FM you ask? Well, for starters they don’t have a guitar player! That’s right motherfuckers, they rock it with glockenspiels, mandolins and electric violins! Need more proof? One of their early members was a guy called Nash the Slash, and look at him! Black Noise is all sci-fi insanity, with amazing song titles like “Slaughter In Robot Village,” “Dialing For Dhrama” and “Phasors On Stun.” If Rush is too low key and subtle for you then FM is your band. Much better lead singer too – although that’s not saying much when your comparison point is Geddy Lee. According to Wikipedia (which is always right) Black Noise is in print, but I can’t find a copy new anywhere – only overpriced and used. So its hard enough to find for me to justify putting the whole thing up.

Flashpoint – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Treat Williams and Kris Kristofferson find a wrecked Jeep in the desert that had a dead body, a rifle and a shitload of money. The dead dude is the guy who killed Kennedy and the money was his reward. So of course Kirstofferson and Williams try to keep the money. Sounds like the best movie ever made doesn’t it? But wait, Rip Torn is in it! It IS the best movie ever made. Need further proof? Tangerine Dream provided the soundtrack, well most of the soundtrack, the title track is by a band called The Gems and it has to be one of the worst pieces of shit ever put to vinyl. This is another one of Tangerine Dream’s out-of-print and overlooked 80s soundtracks to a movie no one ever heard of, and is worth a listen if you like them. The opening track is especially good.

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  1. icastico says:

    I had the FM album when it was new…I would be AMAZED if it was still in print. I got the follow up as well…it sucked.

    “Sci-Fi rock….Rocket roll!”

  2. Grebo Guru says:

    I have to disagree slightly; the follow-up “SURVEILLANCE” didn’t totally suck. Yeah, ‘Rocket Roll’ was pretty weak, but there are some decent tracks on that album.

    Note – NASH THE SLASH (who is truly the brains and mastermind behind FM) only featured on “BLACK NOISE” and two weak 80’s cash-in albums, “CON-TEST” and “TONIGHT” (avoid both!).
    Ben Mink replaced Nash on the albums “SURVEILLANCE” “HEAD ROOM” and “CITY OF FEAR”.

    Here’s a link for “CITY OF FEAR”:


  3. Alex says:

    My favorite FM record was “City of Fear” in the very early 80’s. There is a super rare LP called “Direct to Disk” that is an extended live prog- rock jam. Good luck finding that one. BTW, I saw FM open for Rush in the early 80’s and FM kicked Rush’s ass big time!

  4. Steve says:

    You effin rock! I've been looking for FM's "Phasors On Stun" for years. It still gets played a fair bit on classic rock/variety stations in Ontario today.

    Here's a rare live performance:

    I didn't even know TVO had a music program back then. :/

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