Before They Were Has-Beens

I recently pillaged my blogroll of dead and out-dated links and am in need of MP3 blogs to discover and link to. Everyone leave suggestions in the comment section – whore yourself if you want, it’s fun and all the cool kids do it. My blog is read by literally…um…a few people everyday and a link from me will totally make you hot shit forever.

A quick little list of things I look for in a blog:

  • No rapidshit or other download service links – pay for your own server, it’s cheap.
  • No complete album downloads of albums that are easily available
  • At least halfway decent writing
  • A layout that doesn’t look like a monkey shit it out

Most importantly, if you have ever ripped off something I posted and then re-posted it as your own, I will find you an do very bad things to you., like make you listen to Katy Perry records.

I’m currently nursing a rather nasty muscle injury and my mind is not what it usually is, so I apologize in advance for the rather shitty writing you are about to read.

Beats International
Dub Be Good To Me (Norman Cook’s Excursion on the Version)
Dub Be Good To Me (Norman Cook’s Excursion on the Hip Hop Version)
Dub Be Good To Me (Smith and Mighty Remix)
Dub Be Good To Me (Smith and Mighty Mellow Mix)
Dub Be Good To Me (Acappela)
Beats Unlimited was the brainchild of Norman Cook, AKA Fatboy Slim, and was his first foray into music after The Housemartins broke up. A pretty big change of pace if I may say, considering The Housemartins were best known for their acapella renditions of Christian songs. This is clearly a transitional group for Cook, who would go through a few more aliases before settling on Fatboy Slim and making big beat history. Despite being called a dub song, this is classic old-school house with a dash of pop thrown in, and is as dated as 80s dance gets (even though it techincally came out in the 90s). These remixes are from a 12”.

I Wanted To Tell Her (12” Remix)
I Wanted To Tell Her (Tongue Tied Mix)
A Walk In The Park
I thought I had all the early Ministry singles, so imagine my joy when I stumbled upon this gem, finding it in Toledo of all places (I guess there ain’t no synthpop party like a Toledo synthpop party). “I Wanted To Tell Her” was the second single off of Ministry’s 1983 debut album With Sympathy, and the highest charting one as well. Like everything on With Sympathy it sounds nothing like what was to come from Al and his not-so-merry band of industrial misanthropes, and yes he does sing with a fake British accent, and yes it’s totally awesome. These are from a 12” single.

Exotic Birds
No Communication
No Communication (Instrumental)
Demon Dance
Demon Dance (Instrumental)
I’ll Never Say Goodbye
Yes, Trent Reznor was in this band, but he’s not on this single. He didn’t sign up until a few years later. My plans for an all “before they were stars” style post isn’t a complete bust however, since the group’s frontman, Andy Kubiszewski, went on to form Stabbing Westard. After that he went on to produce for t.A.T.u, which means he’s probably filthy stinkin’ rich now.

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  1. icastico says:

    Shameless self promo…


    All tracks exclusive to my site…

  2. Dave The Ox says:

    Another shameless self promo:

    This is my blog under my alternate e-mail address. It focuses on unreleased albums and recordings. Nothing terribly recent either. I might put some rare or out of print stuff on occasionally, but for the most part the focus is complete unreleased music. I’ve got a lot of hip-hop up right now but there will be more variety soon.

  3. Tommy says:

    icastico, Dave the Ox – you are a pair of trolling pricks, a curse on your shitty blogs

    The Lost Turntable – great blog, great rants, great tunes, great thanks to you.

    Dub Be Good to Me was proto-mashup / electroclash, call it what you will.

    The bassline is from the Clash’s Guns of Brixton on London’s Calling from 1979/1980 and the lyrics are from Just be Good to Me from the SOS Band in 1983…..which gives it that 1980s flavour that you describe.

  4. The Lost Turntable says:

    I approved Tommy’s comment so we all would know what a dickless wonder he is.

  5. matt says:

    I’m a big fan of:
    Good writing and good music.

  6. Jeremy says:

    I love your blog. I don’t have any recommendations that meet your requirements. I thought you should know, however, that Norman Cook’s post-Housemartins project was called Beats International, not Beats Unlimited. And The Housemartins were actually known for much more than doing “a cappella Christian songs” in their time (they were equally well-known for their Communist tendencies, for instance)…and two of them ended up founding The Beautiful South, whose Carry on Up the Charts is the best-selling album in the history of recorded music in the U.K.

  7. Leo Rattans says: made me buy my first mp3-player. breaks its own rule, but I stay tuned. seems to have ceased up-dating but everything is still available. great mixes! rare isn't always good, but when it is… uses easy-share which may go against LTT rules, but must be mentioned., a tip from

    I'm not affiliated to any of these, I just follow them.

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