Reran Industrial Bullshit vs. The DMCA (Reposts Day 7)

An important notice

I’m suddenly very popular. I know this because I got my first legal notice today. The offending post has been removed by Blogger and I’m worried now that more might face their wrath. Because of this my blog will moving to greener pastures very soon. I don’t know exactly where yet, I’m probably just going to finally bite the bullet and set up since I do own the domain name. Should my blog vanish without a trace I would head there for updates.

More information (including who the fuck filed the DMCA report against me) as it develops.

Nothing new tonight, just reposts. Download them before the man finds out.

Front Line Assembly
Digital Tension Dementia (Extended Version)
No Limit (Damaged Good Remix)
Lethal Compound (Harmful If Swallowed Mix)
Is/was there a big industrial scene in Canada? I know someone from Skinny Puppy went on to form FLA, but there had to have been a big enough audience to support an industrial scene in the country at one point. I can’t imagine Canadians rocking out to electro-industrial. Of course was their only alternative in the 80s Bryan Adams? It’s beginning to make sense…

Lords Of Acid
Pussy (Disco D’s Ultra Buff Luv Muff Mix)
Pussy (DJ Assault’s Hit It Hard Hit It Quick Mix)
Pussy (I Love Pussy Mix)
This song is actually a scatching social commentary on the condition of cats in Belgium and the need for them to be spayed or neutered. Just kidding, its about vagina.

Lunatic Calm
Leave You Far Behind (Rollercoaster Mix)
Metropol (Lunatics Soundscape Mix)
Speaking of pussy, I thought these guys were Lunatic Clam for years. That sounds like some short of fucked up sexual phrase, like Dirty Sanchez or Rusty Trombone (Mom please don’t click on those links).

Meat Beat Manifesto
Psyche-Out (Sex Skank Stripdown)
Psyche-Out (Sex Skank Mix)
Still anxiously awaiting the genre-crossing, mind-blowing, masturbation-loving Meat Beat Manifesto/Circle Jerks tour.

10 Responses to “Reran Industrial Bullshit vs. The DMCA (Reposts Day 7)”

  1. Drain says:

    oh shit that sucks that the man got you. whoever filed that fucking report needs to get an atomic wedgie from hell >:\

  2. Catherine says:

    out of print stuff
    that the companies are not profiting off of in the first place
    someone’s giving it away
    do they even know what they’re doing any more…
    in art we call this “dada” and in philosophy we call this “nihilism” and neither has any delusions of sanity.

  3. Grebo Guru says:

    Canada did indeed have a fairly strong industrial scene from the late-80’s to the mid-90’s. It was some great times…

  4. Anonymous says:

    That really sucks. Glad you have a backup plan – I would miss your blog.

    Looks like it was the French movie post? Maybe someone didn’t like 4 Steve Winwood songs?

  5. Anonymous says:

    That bites have the best music blog out there, not because it posts music for free downloading, but because it’s put me back in touch with stuff I had and can’t find around where I live…screw the man…and I hope nothing becomes of this in the end for you, since you’re providing a valuable service to us musical audiophiles.

  6. Benjamin says:

    Thanks again for posting the requests I asked for. Totally loving this blog. Can’t believe some jackass reported you. Complete nonsense.

  7. tboy34 says:

    If you do move. I hope that you will keep me posted on it. You’re blog is the finest I’ve seen in a long long time. I don’t want to miss out on you’re good stuff

  8. Chris, Angela, Merlin and JoJo says:

    That sucks man. You Blog is a destination every time I sit at the computer.

    PS. Bryan Adams is a National Treasure to us Canadians dating all the way back to the summer of 69. He is right up there with Celine Dion!!

  9. setphx says:

    I still wonder what the f**k the big deal is about postiong old music which is ALMOST impossible to get. Gee, could I have the opriginal copy and sell it on e-bay (which sucks) and get in trouble from making a profit on a record I bought 30 years ago and NOT give anything back to the record company???? What the hell is up with that? The music industry has gone to shit! I’ll even laugh harder and piss my pants when someone delvelps a method of breaking the blue ray codes for copying. Bring um on boys!!
    DJ VYL

  10. beketaten says:

    Haha, good point about Bryan Adams vs. Industrial in Canada. What a duality.
    But then again, whether or not you can picture Canadians rocking out to electro industrial like that, alot of freaky shit seems to come out of Canada, like David Cronenberg for instance…

    Also: I’ll always be a supporter of your ridiculously juvenile sexual references XD Keep em coming!

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