And Then There Were Three…

Man, just when I was putting forth a concentrated effort to cheer myself up fucking Richard Wright dies. Pink Floyd got me through a musical dark patch in my life years ago. After grunge died out but before I discovered indie rock I was pretty much a classic rock/heavy metal fan exclusively (although I was oddly into Big Beat Techno as well) and Pink Floyd was my favorite band for a good five years. I own every Pink Floyd album (except The Final Cut – I hate that one) a few of their box sets/compilations and more bootlegs and rarities than you can shake a giant inflatable pig at. Wish You Were Here helped get me through my sophomore year in college, and without Animals I would have killed one of my bosses multiple times over. So, yeah, I’m bummed.

I implore everyone to check out Richard Wright’s Wet Dreams (…wait that sounds wrong), it’s a great album that has gone unnoticed for years and if there’s any good that may come from this unfortunate event it’s that this album might finally get re-released on CD. Until then I have a good-but-not-great vinyl rip here.

David Gilmour
On An Island (Live)
Take A Breath (Live)
This Heaven (Live)
In the epic Waters/Gilmour battle I’ve always been on the side of David Gilmour. Sure, he may not be as talented a lyricist as Waters, but he’s 20 times the musician that Waters could ever hope to be on his best day. I’d rather listen to About Face 50 times than Amused To Death once. On An Island was his best solo album to date, and if you haven’t picked up the live DVD of it I highly suggest doing so. He’s also releasing a live album in a few weeks, which I’ll probably be picking up (I’ll probably be getting the ultra-neato-nifty-keen limited vinyl edition which includes an entire LP of bonus tracks that won’t be on CD). These live tracks are from a sampler that I grabbed at a record convention months ago. Although I don’t have the physical copy with me to check, I’m fairly certain that Wright is performing on these tracks with Gilmour, since he was on the tour with Gilmour.

Oh, and I interviewed Gilmour over the phone once, you can read it here. Highlight of my writing career, even if the school paper never published it (but that’s an entirely different rant).

Pink Floyd
Interstellar Overdrive (Tonight Let’s All Make Love In London version)
The end all be all of psychedelic jams. I have about 80 bagillion versions of this tune and this one is the best. It’s taken from the “London 66′ 67′” single (actually mine is from a bootleg compilation, but it’s the same veresion) and this version originally appeared in the movie Tonight Lets All Make Love In London. Anyone ever actually seen that movie?

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    unfortunately your link to the solo-Album of richard wright doesn’t work anymore. Could you fix taht?

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    Oops. Works now.

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