Pop Will Defeat Itself

Super-ultra-cool Pop Will Eat Itself tracks! Hot off the turntable! I’m so happy I found these that I don’t even want to complain and rant tonight! I know, I’m shocked and disappointed too, but don’t worry my feelings of joy and happiness will soon pass.

I’m going to try to explain where all these tracks came from and where else you can get them, but it’s a little confusing and I’m writing this at 2:30 in the morning, so I apoloigize in advance if what you are about to read makes no sense.

Pop Will Eat Itself
From the 12” single for “Beaver Patrol” (sigh) single. Now available on the re-issued Now For A Feast! CD.

Oh Grebo I Think I Love You (New Version)
Also on “Beaver Patrol” (that doesn’t get any less stupid with repeated sayings) but this “new version” which is twice as long as the original one is not on any CD as of yet.

Def. Con. One. (12” Version)
If I have to tell you that this is from the “Def. Con. One.” 12” then you can’t read my blog anymore because you’re too stupid. It’s not on CD.

Inside You (Live)
She’s Surreal (Live)
Hit The Hi Tech Groove (Live)
Also on the Def. Con. One. 12”. The live “Inside You” is on the Now For A Feast! CD. Strangely the other two live tracks were put on the re-issued Box Frenzy CD.

Love Missle F1-11 (Designer Grebo Megamix)
Love Missle F1-11 (Original Poppies Mix)
Okay, now it gets (even more) confusing. There are two F1-11 12” singles. The first one has these two remixes on it. The “Grebo” mix is unavailable on CD while the “Original Poppies Mix” is on that “Now For A Feast!” CD.

Orgone Accumulator (Hawkwind cover…wait, they covered Hawkwind?!?! WTF?)
Everything That Rises (Shriekback cover)
Everything That Rises (New Version)
Like An Angel (A cover of someone…possibly The Mighty Lemondrops)
And now it gets even MORE confusing. “Orgone Accumulator” and “Everything That Rises” are on both F1-11 12” singles. However, while the both have the same version of “Orgone Accumulator” (even though one is called the “new version”) the versions of “Everything That Rises” are different. Finally, “Like An Angel” is only on the second F1-11 single. These are all on CD (I think) expect one of the versions of “Everything That Rises” – but I don’t know which one.

Do you know if I made any mistakes? I don’t care. However I will give a Lost Turntable no-prize to anyone who can tell me what the fuck a grebo is though. As far as I can tell it’s a retarded looking white British kid with dredlocks.

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  1. georgethe23rd says:

    Yes you’re pretty right about what a grebo (or greb) is. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grebo

  2. magø says:

    Very well done, sir. Excellent post.
    I first got into PWEI when I heard ‘Box Frenzy’ in college – yeah, I’m old – so this is a mighty nice trip down that ol’ memory lane…

    Anyway, no corrections, per se, but it might be worth a mention that “Love Missile F1-ll” is actually a Sigue Sigue Sputnik cover, and yes, “Like An Angel” is a Mighty Lemon Drops cover; PWEI put it on “Now For A Feast”, and it was on The Mighty Lemon Drops’ “Happy Head” LP from 1986.

  3. Ctelblog says:

    Gotta love the Poppies. But their later stuff was better.

  4. solotoo says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for True Stories and the Garbage Special remix, my favorite by them.

  6. Anonymous says:

    When I was a kid (back in the 70’s. old fart that I am) we used the term ‘grebo’ to donate a biker, usually oily denims, long greasy hair and black leather jacket

  7. pup don says:

    Aw man, these are great. I don’t suppose you have that weird remix of Another Man’s Rhubarb??? I think it was called the Chaos mix or something like that.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes ! I love this site !! As I said before You keep my mp3 player guessing ( I dont pre-listen to any of the tracks before I download them -and thats what makes the listen so cool !) I had a question though. On any of your record hunts/digs would you ever videotape it for us to see what you go through in a “hunt” -Just a silly thought.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I loves me some Pop Will Eat Itself… one of my highlights at uni was getting to interview the lead singer for the campus newspaper.

  10. Neu Mejican says:

    PWEI…great stuff.
    You don’t, per chance, have the Blue Daisies “Wilt.”

    My cassette is trashed and I haven’t been able to find a replacement.

  11. DJ Paul V. says:

    I always love coming here, because I always get to think: “Wow, cool – someone ELSE has that 12″ I bought back in the 80s’!”

    I have both these two 12″ singles in the archives. I never got to burn them to CD yet, so thank you, thank you! I always loved their version of the Shriekback song, as well as the Mighty Lemon Drops (those guys had some GREAT tunes!)

    As for the “Grebo” term, I never quite understood it either. It all happened around the same time as Gay Bikers On Acid and The Pigbros (aka The Membranes) putting out singles and records.

    If you ever find this track:
    Pigbros – “Past Caring” – POST IT UP!

  12. Destrukto says:

    yeah, grebo’s, kinda pre-grunge hippy stink with a bit of pretekno garb too. there was also carter the unstoppable sex machine… the poppies were pure genius, melding metal and hip hop before anybody else… favourite track of theirs: not now james, we’re busy…. i play their stuff often on my show. i have about 4 mighty lemon drops on vinyl as well and can confirm the track is a MLD cover. we had a cool band in South Africa back in the early 80’s called the Psycho Reptiles and they also covered MLD’s Hypnotised, another awesome track. really cool to see another big fan of the poppies!!! when i was last in london i saw a shitload of poppies t-shirts on people, couldn’t find any though, not even in Camden!!! but i DID get an awesome birthday party t-shirt!!

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