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I went a few weeks without going on a non-music related rant and I was pretty proud of myself, but that streak ends tonight.

This morning I got an email from the writer of a blog that shall remain anonymous. I’m not concealing his identity in order to protect him, I’m keeping him anonymous because what this stupid twat wants more than anything is publicity and exposure, and I sure as fuck am not going to help him with that bullshit.

Anyways, this email was nothing more than a song title in the headline, and a link to his blog where you could download it. Stupid yes, but relatively harmless. However, the tard fucker sent this email out to a few dozen of my fellow bloggers. And like me they were upset for this dumb bitch for wasting our time. However, they most proved to be just as dumb as him since they chose to respond to his message by hitting “reply to all”. This means that every single email that these stupid fuckers sent to that stupid fucker I also got as well.

Seriously? Listen you stupid shits, it’s 2008 – how can you not know what “reply to all” means? I got over a dozen emails that were really nothing more than “Unsubsrcibe please” and even more from idiots that thought they were talking to one specific person on the list and no one else, like their email program knows exactly who out of the 50 or so recipients exactly who they want to talk to. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: People are fucking stupid.

And George Carlin died. Fuck this day.

Usually when I’m this pissed off I just post some industrial music and be done with it. But all the industrial music I have yet to post isn’t very good and not nearly angry enough, so some hardcore drum n’ bass will have to do.

Squarepusher vs Genaside’s MC Killerman Archer
Squarepusher vs. Amon Tobin
Squarepusher vs. Propellerheads Beat Box & Scratching
Squarepusher vs. Cylob
This shit is fucked up even for Squarepusher. I’ve never heard the original versions of any of the songs he’s remixing on this EP, but I’m sure they sound nothing like these butcher jobs. This shit is so abrasive and experimental that it could be used as a weapon, one that is surely banned by the Geneva Convention. I wish I could track down the d-bag that sent me that fucking email. I’d tie him down and make him listen to this shit on headphones jacked up to 11. His brain would melt. Hell, whenver I listen to Squarepusher I usually fly into a frenzy of involuntary twitches and tics to the “beat” of the music and I’m a fan! I can only imagine what it would do to someone who hated it.

Roni Size & Reprazent
Who Told You (Die Hammer Mix)
Balanced Chaos
“Who Told You” is the kind of shit I’ve been searching for tonight. Agressive, high energy, frantic, iz the shiz. Balanced Chaos is a bit more chill (as dnb goes) but fits the bill as a quality B-side.

4 Responses to “Reply To Balls”

  1. tenno says:

    And for this, I love you.

  2. Simon says:

    The Sqaurepusher VS Cylob is Perfect THaNX

  3. thorltd says:

    imon read the post at all? i’ll spam you with my music in a bit 😉

  4. slinky says:

    those remixes were NOT by squarepusher. here’s the discogs release page :

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