It Wasn’t Pee

R. Kelly was found not guilty!

I can’t believe it! The Shaggy Defense worked.

Let’s all buy a truckload of ice tea and head to the nearest junior high school to celebrate!

Dancing On The Seven Seas
Sailing On The Seven Seas (Larrabee Mix)
Sailing On The Seven Seas (Extended Mix)
Floating On The Seven Seas
I’ve posted a lot of OMD over the past few years, and I have to think that I’m running out of remixes from these guys. I don’t even really LIKE them that much, which just goes to show you that if someone wags and import 12” single in my face I’ll but it like a good little Pavlovian doggie. The “floating” and “dancing” tracks are radical remixes of “Sailing” that just happen to be very oddly named.

Oingo Boingo
Out Of Control (Funky Vocal Mix)
Out Of Control (Funky Drummer Mix)
Out Of Control (Power Mix)
Out Of Control (Fingertips Vocal Mix)
Out Of Control (Outer Control Mix)
Out Of Control (Environmental Mix)
A few weeks ago someone asked for more Oingo Boingo. Well ask and you shall receive. Actually, no that’s not true, he just got lucky that I happened to have more that I felt like posting. Don’t ask. And don’t tell either.

Depeche Mode
Personal Jesus (Hollier Than Thou Approach)
Personal Jesus (Pump Mix)
Personal Jesus (Hazchemix)
I’ve been fighting putting up a giant Depeche Mode post, but I might have to because at the rate I’m going with these I won’t be done putting up all my latest remixes and b-sides until 2018.

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  1. Hallway Of Memories says:

    I LOVE seeing this stuff….BTW, I have a 12″ of OMD’s abride of frankenstein 12″ wich was a stars on 45 type medley…I’ll post it on my blogsite soon.

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