Clean House

This post is full of so much generic house music from 12” singles that all it’s missing is an overused sample from Willy Wonka and that annoying MC guy yelling “We love house music!”

Salva Mea (Epic Mix)
Salva Mea (Tuff Mix)
Faithless’ very first single and still probably one of the greatest dance tracks of all time. The Epic Mix hardly features any vocals, but is insane high energy. The Tuff Mix is much more faithful (no pun intended) to the original, complete with vocals by Dido (at least I think that’s Dido.) Regardless they are both must haves for house/techno fans.

Song Of Life (Extended Mix)
Dub Of Life
Fanfare Of Life
The only song on The Lost Turntable to be featured as a soundtrack to a British television documentary. How’s that kind of shit happen? Great track, although not one of my favorites from Leftfield, I’m rather partial to “Open Up” mainly because it combines two of my favorite things, house music and whiny vocals from Johnny Rotten.

Radioactive Goldfish
L.S.D. Is The Bomb (Video Remix)
Electrode (Extended Remix)
I can’t decide if that’s one of the greatest band names of all time or one of the worst. It’s pretty obvious that these guys really liked drugs. Good stuff (the music not the drugs…I think).

Euphoria (Remix)
Naming your single after yourself, how generic can you be? I know nothing about this person/group/whatever because it’s impossible to Google the fucker. You can’t just search for “Euphoria”, that’s way to broad. And if since the sensation of euphoria is an effect of ecstasy (the house music drug of choice) you can’t even search for “Euphoria house music” and get a result. This shit is stupid but really high-energy and a lot of fun.

Quadrophonia (Remix)
Yet another band/song name combo! At least this name is unique (if amazingly stupid). More house music that features that awesome, high-drama keyboard sound. What is that sound? It’s on every dance track from 1988 to 2004. Is it a sample or just a really effective yet generic tone? The rapping in this song is 20 ways retarded, but the beat is killer.

2 Responses to “Clean House”

  1. Mr Ratzi says:

    Bruv, loving the Faithless post. Was wel disappointed when they didnt play it at Global last year, but the rest of their set was mind blowing.

    Insomnia to a pink setting sun and 8,000 people.

    Roast me.

    Anyway, that’s Dido’s sister.

    Keep up the good work.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Good to hear those whiny vocals, man. Leftfield, indeed.

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