Let’s Get Violent

I just canceled my old shitty .mac account. It was a rip-off and I don’t suggest anyone ever getting one for any reason. I stopped using it for my new posts ages ago but a few of my older posts that I kept the links active to still do. The most notable of these being the Urgh post. So if you’re scouring the archives for some good shit and you come across a dead link don’t tell me. I know and I’m on it.

Be Your Own Pet
Black Hole
Blow Yr Mind
Be Your Own Pet is an awesome band. If you like punk or just loud music then you should dig them. Their self-titled debut featured one of my favorite songs of the new millennium (“Bicycle, Bicycle, You Are my Bicycle”) and they were a highlight when I saw them at Lollapalooza – especially since the singer puked on stage and then wiped off her mouth and finished the set.

Everyone reading this should buy their new record Get Awkward. It’s a great step forward for them, more slickly produced and refined but still retaining their raw power and insanity. However, if you’re buying it in America you aren’t getting the full release. Some vapid shitbag at Universal Records decided that three of the tracks on it were “too violent” and pulled them from the album. Even with these tracks pulled the album is stuck with a parental advisory warning – so whomever this douchebag is he’s basically telling adults that they shouldn’t listen to the music they want.

Record labels don’t want you to illegally download right? Then why do they do stupid shit like this? By removing these songs from the album they force the band’s fans to go online and download them at evil anti-capitalist sites…like this one. I want to find this anti-violence executive and staple is balls to his leg.

This Is Boston, Not L.A.
This is a seminal punk release that chronicled the hardcore punk scene in Boston (duh). It was later released on CD for a short time and included six bonus tracks. I don’t have those since these are off of my own vinyl. If you like hardcore punk then you’ll dig this. Listen to it and punch a hippie (or a shithead record executive).

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