Friends And My Drugs

Earlier this week I was in a super-shitty mood and I was going to post nothing but hardcore industrial mindfucks. Now I’m less in a shitty mood and more in a bored melancholy mood, which of course means I’m listening to 80s British rock. The connection makes sense to me. It also serves as a good excuse for me to dump some of my more obscure British (and Scottish) tunes on to unsuspecting masses.

But before that…now is the time where I once again use my blog for my own personal and highly selfish gains. Since I am in super-British mood I am looking for a copy of C86. If anyone could rapidshare or torrent it somehow I would greatly appreciate it. Now that I think about it if anyone wants to share a copy of C81 I would appreciate it too. I’ll hook you up.

And if you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about when I say C86 and C81, just move on down to the Mp3s and enjoy the Super Bowl.

Colours (Remodel)
Drink Judas
Okay, never heard of No-Man before I bought this. I picked this up only because it was a cover of a Donovan tune. It’s super-trippy (trippier than the Donovan version actually) and if I did acid I would totally trip out to it. But I don’t do acid (I’m confused enough) so I’ll just spin around in circles for a while.

Primal Scream
Don’t Fight It, Feel It (Remix)
Don’t Fight It, Feel It (Whistling Mix)
Don’t Fight It, Feel It (Scat mix)
Speaking of acid, they called this kind of music Acid House when it broke, but if any drug would enhance this kick as Primal Scream tune I think I would be pot. If I smoked pot I would totally smoke pot while listening to this song. But I don’t smoke pot (I’m lazy enough). These remixes are B-sides to “Movin’ On Up.”

The Three Johns
Never And Always
Turn Up Those Down-Hearted Blues
The two Johns are They Might Be Giants, so who the hell are these guys? According to Wikipedia one of the dudes in it is from The Mekons. They confuse me too so that only makes sense. This is some crazy fast-paced dance-rock. If I did ecstasy I would totally roll to this but I don’t do ecstasy (I’m hyper enough).

Killing Joke
Sanity (The Roman Mix)
Um…I dunno, PCP? I’m very tired and out of drug references.

4 Responses to “Friends And My Drugs”

  1. Paul F. says:

    No-Man. Good post. I used to play “Taking It Like A Man” in my old radio days.

  2. dalston shopper says:

    I have your blog in my favorites, so thought I would note another version of that Primal Scream track on the blog.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Goodness, I hadn’t thought about C86 for YEARS!
    Thx for jogging my memory, and having such a consistently great blog

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