Confidentially Confidential

Holy crapoly, two posts in two days! I’m suddenly prolific again! A side-effect of said increased productivity is that I have nothing to say right now, so I’ll just get straight to the tunage.

Primal Scream
If They Move Kill ‘Em (My Bloody Valentine Arkestra Mix)
If They Move Kill ‘Em (12” Disco Mix)
It’s hard to pick a genre when cataloging Primal Scream. I don’t think Alternative indie acid house techno brit-pop rock is a category. I just went with electronic for these tunes, which are off of the 12” for ‘If They Move…”. I picked up this single for two reasons; its awesome cover and the fact that it takes it name from a line in The Wild Bunch. I was bummed that the said line is only mentioned once though. Bummer. Badlands and Darklands are B-sides. Both are remixes of the same song and are some trippy-ass tunes.

The The
The Beat(en) Generation (Campfire Mix)
The Beat(en) Generation (Palmer Mix)
I’m sick of trying to find out information of The The songs on Google, especially when they have exceptionally generic titles like ‘Angel.’ I believe that track has never seen the light of day on CD, but I could be wrong and I’m not going to scour the net to find out. It, as well as the two remixes with it, come from the 12” for ‘The Beat(en) Generation.”

Living Colour
Funny Vibe (Remix)
Funny Vibe (Funky Vibe Mix)
Funny Vibe (Drummer Vibe)
So I bought Guitar Hero III for the 360 this Monday, and Living Colour’s great ‘Cult Of Personality’ is on it. But before I get to that I must share a funny story about me getting the game.

So it’s 8:30 at night and I’m rushing to get to the local Gamestop before they close. I didn’t reserve the game because I have better things to do with my life then keep a calender of upcoming releases in my bedroom. I get in Gamestop and ask for the game when the snotty little clerk looks up at me and says “Did you reserve it?”

I said no.

“Well, then we don’t have one for you!” she said in a bitchy tone. “That’s why you should reserve one.”

So I roll my eyes and say, “No, that’s why I go to the Exchange across the street and buy one there.”

She gives me a “whatever” look as I walk out, like I don’t have a chance in hell in getting the game there. But I walk into the exchange and grab one in about five seconds, they had about a dozen behind the counter. Walking back to my car the same snotty clerk is cleaning bird-shit off the window (man, retail is such an awesome job) and I give her the same look she gave at me back at her and smirk, “I don’t think you thought your cunning plan all the way through.”

Yeah, I know it’s not her policy, but she seems to be a proud enforcer of it and she also seemed to get off on disappointing my non-reserving ass. so whatever.

Anyways, Living Colour’s ‘Cult Of Personality’ is in the game, but it’s not the same version that was on their album Vivid, they re-recorded it with a brand-new solo that is ball-bustingly evil. I think it gave me a case of carpal tunnel. I finally beat it only to have my ass handed to me with Metallica’s ‘One’. I have to beat this game soon or my hand is gonna fall off.

Enough anti-retail/video game digressions though, these remixes of ‘Funny Vibe’ are from the song’s 12” single and they’re pretty bad-ass. It’s almost more rap than rock, and features some Public Enemy samples for good measure.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey man, that trippy b-side of Primal Scream is a Jesus & Mary Chain cover. Awesome. thx for being prolific this week!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i found the acoustic version, though i think this is rather new 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Marr’s harmonica solo on “The Beat(en) Generation” is one of the best harmonica solos I have ever heard in my life. I used to whistle this solo all the time.

  4. dr. mabuse says:

    The single for Beat(en) Generation was released on CD (I foolishly bought the 5″ and 3″ versions). Angel is on both of these CDs, so it IS available!

    A good place to look for info is

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