Tarzan Boy’s Codpiece

Argh. The weeks get ahead of me and the next thing I know it’s been eight days since I last updated my blog. Very annoying since I enjoy writing my ramblings at this site more than anything else I’m being forced to write right now thanks to school. To make up for my lack of updates I’m putting up some pop-favorites tonight. My next post will either continue that trend or consist of nothing but hardcore industrial techno. I haven’t decided yet. Probably depends on how pissed I am at the time.

Tarzan Boy (Extended Dance Mix)
I always assumed that Baltimora was the name of the dude singing. I had no idea that Baltimora was actually a band (or “music project”) created by some Italian producers. Gotta love that manufactured pop music. This is a retarded extended mix of the retarded hit that will get stuck in your head for weeks on end. You have been warned.

Word Up! (12” Remix)
Little known fact; Cameo was not fronted by Larry Blackmon, but was in fact led by his codpiece. The codpiece also wrote, produced and performed all of the songs as well. Much like Nine Inch Nails, the band behind him is only used for live performances.

Obsession (Remix)
Engineer (Remix)
“Who do you want me to be/To make you sleep with me?” Is this what pickup lines were like in the 80s pre-AIDS awareness? Subtlety was for suckers I guess. I remember rocking out to this song when I was seven years old, which I’m sure my mom loved. ‘Engineer’ is not nearly as catchy as that ode to semi-casual fucking, but it’s not bad. Both of these remixes are extended versions off of a promo 12”.

Men At Work

Everything I Need (Extended Mix)

Does anyone have an extended remix of Men At Work’s ‘Overkill’? Either the acoustic or original version would suffice. I’ve always loved this song by them but I’m in love with ‘Overkill’ so any help would be appreciated.

Peter Gabriel
Don’t Break This Rhythm
Biko (12” Extended Version)
I Have The Touch (’85 Remix)
I got a build of Peter Gabriel that I plan on unleashing throughout the next week or so, starting with this stuff from a 12” single of ‘Sledgehammer’ (the best song about hard fucking ever). ‘Don’t Break This Rhythm’ is a B-side that has never appeared on an album proper, which is pretty amazing considering that it’s a great song and would fit great on any Gabriel album. ‘Biko’ is an odd song to turn into a 12” dance mix, considering its incredibly serious message and theme, but it surprisingly works and makes the song an even more powerful anthem then it was previously. I read somewhere that this tribute to the slain civil rights leader was the inspiration for Steven Van Zandt to write ‘Sun City’ one in a long line of awful-but-well-meaning collaborative efforts from the 80s. Finally there’s ‘I Have The Touch (’85 Remix)’ which is different from the ’82 version and different from the version that’s in that awful fucking John Travolta movie Phenomenon.

7 Responses to “Tarzan Boy’s Codpiece”

  1. Paul F. says:

    Great Peter Gabriel choices. Don’t Break This Rhythm has always been a favorite. Looking forward to more PG..

  2. Glenn S. says:

    I always thought of Obsession as sort of a poor man’s Don’t You Want Me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have never come across any remix of Overkill. I would love to hear one though. But Colin Hay’s acoustic version can be found on his 2003 solo album “Man at Work”. It also has re-recordings and acoustic versions of other classic Men at Work songs. If you can’t find that album, the same version of Overkill is on the SCRUBS soundtrack.

  4. Paul F. says:

    I may have a Hot Tracks remix of Overkill somewhere. Then again, it might be The land Down Under. I’ll check…

  5. Anonymous says:

    You’re wrong about Tarzan Boy getting “stuck in your head for weeks on end”… it has been stuck in my head for twenty-two years. I heard it on the radio a few times when it was a hit in 1985, loved it, but never caught the exact title or name of the artist. I thought of it occasionally over the years, wondering if I would ever hear it again. Now it will be on my iTunes playlist in heavy rotation. Thanks!!!

  6. Anonymous says:


    I was wondering if you have Peter Gabriel’s cover of “In The Sun”.

    Thanks, yo!

  7. halli says:

    ‘Obsession’ always makes me think about Jeanne Becker.

    And Glenn: The instrumental of ‘Don’t You Want Me’ is the rich man’s version of the original. It’s on the 12″.

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