The WTF Post?

This shit is so weird that I don’t know if anyone but me will really dig it, but I found both of these records to be so strange that I had to share them. I can also find next to no info on either of them, so any help by my fellow record geeks would be greatly appreciated.

Confidential All-Stars
It’s Dead Jim (Extended Radio Mix)
It’s Dead Jim (Club Mix)
It’s Dead Jim (Vocal/Perc. Mix)
How can all-stars be confidential? Sadly, that paradox is the least-strange thing about this amazingly bizarre record. If the title already didn’t give it away for you, this strange dance track is an ode to Star Trek’s Dr. “Bones” McCoy and his famous catchphrase. The song itself is pretty out there , and sounds vaguely reminiscent of early Was (Not Was), which is something I never thought I’d say. I Googled some of the “All-Stars” names and didn’t find much about them. I did find out the song’s main writer, one David Huxen, was in an obscure 70s rock band called Lift and then went on to found his own New Age recording studio (and somehow turned Native American and changed his name to “Junius” in the process). The “McCoy” of the record is John Hammond but I don’t think its the same one that won a Grammy and is the son of the legendary music producer.

Another Brick In The Wall
This is a disco version of the iconic Pink Floyd song about the dangers of the British public school system. Because nothing says “lets dance” like institutionalized child abuse! This was a single released by Millenium Records, who was no stranger to disco remakes as they were the label of disco-remake artist extraordinaire Meco (the guy that did the Star Wars disco albums). Meco did a disco version of The Wizard Of Oz also. That is the gayest record I own (and I own two dozen Erasure singles). Maybe Snatch is a pseudonym of Meco! That would be awesome…I guess.

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  1. daveches says:

    There were 8 British artists in the US Billboard Top 10 on May 25 1985. To find out who they were, go to

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s worse than that, he’s dead, jim LOL I remember this one from when it first came out, in 1986 or 1987.. awesome… hilarious 🙂

  3. bar says:

    “you bet yer pointed ears” great song, thanks!

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