The I Am Woman Post

An estrogen-filled post tonight peppered with testosterone-filled sexist comments by yours truly. I am a pig and I apologize in advance.

I Need A Man (Macho Mix)
Beethoven (I Love To Listen To) (Dance Mix)
These are off the 12” single for ‘I Need A Man.’ I’m sure I head these songs when they first came out (my mom was a pretty big Eurythmics fan) but I just recently rediscovered them when I picked up the single this week. These are two completely spectacular dance tunes that rank right up their ‘Would I Lie To you’ and ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These)’ in the pantheon of Eurythmics songs. I especially dig ‘I Need A Man.’ It isn’t a song about love, romance or even desire – this tune is about straight-up fucking. Annie Lennox’s scream of “I need a maaaaaaaaaaaan!” is a pure libido-driven exclamation of pure unrestrained lust. It’s like all the emotion she bottled up when recording her monotone vocals for ‘Sweet Dreams’ suddenly rushed out of some deep recess of her mind, erupting in a joyous explosion of panty-wetting orgasmic delight. That’s some hot shit. If the song doesn’t do it for you then check out the video. Holy shit where did that cleavage come from!

Kylie Minogue
Come Into My World (Robbie Rivera’s Hard & Sexy Mix)
Come Into My World (Fischerspooner Mix)
Come Into My World (Ash Mix)
In my perfect pop fantasy world Kylie Minogue is singing ‘I Need A Man’…to me. Shut up, it’s my fantasy. Until that dream comes true I guess I have to survive with these remixes of her big hit which were taken off of a 12” single.

Trouble (Hyper Remix)
Trouble (Adam Freeland Mix)
I love Pink, but I refuse to spell her name “P!ink” because that’s a case of unneeded punctuation. I don’t think is Pink as sexy as Kylie Minogue or Annie Lennox were in their prime, but I bet she’d be a much better person to talk to about music and shit. Isn’t she dating/married to some motorcross dude? I’m probably not her type anyway (like I’m totally Kylie or Annie’s type – I’m totally sure that pop divas get off on four-eyed music geeks). These are off of 12” promo.

Debbie Harry
Sweet And Low (Sweet House Mix)
Sweet And Low (Swing Low Mix)
Sweet And Low (Sweet Chariot Mix)
I’ve been consistently disappointed by every Debbie Harry 12” I’ve bought, but there are a few die-hard Debbie fans that visit this blog and I hate to disappoint. These are off the 12” for ‘Sweet And Low’.

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  1. tenno says:

    Yeah, he lives in Las Vegas and at one time was part of a big ole tattoo parlour at the Palms, I saw her a couple of times at the local stores along with Cory.

  2. Cygnet Committee says:

    Thanks for those Sweet & Low remixes! You seem to always post THE mixes I still need in my collection!

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