Dance Till Your Head Falls Off.

All electronic music today. Artists on this post start out “high-brow” and get progressively stupider. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking stupid music, but I don’t think anyone is every going to call Tricky “silly dance music.” Inversely speaking, no one is every going to claim that Apollo 440’s ‘Stop The Rock’ was a deep and meaningful song.

Aftermath (Hip Hop Blues)
Aftermath (I Could Be Looking For People Remix)
Aftermath (Version 1)
On my senior skip day I went to go see The Fifth Element (yeah, I was one of the cool kids). I remember watching it and being generally impressed with it overall. Then out of the middle of nowhere Tricky shows up and starts acting all bad-ass. 10 minutes later Gary Oldman blows him up. Man, that was a fucked up movie. These are remixes from Tricky’s first single, taken from a 12”.

Meat Beat Manifesto
Psyche-Out (Version 1)
Psyche-Out (Version 2)
Psyche-Out (Dub)
Psyche-Out (Sex Skank Stripdown)
Psyche-Out (Sex Skank Mix)
Best bad band name ever. I’ve always thought these guys should have gone on tour with The Circle Jerks.

More Girls
Under My Wheels (Original Mix)
Remember when these guys had the number one album in America? Man, 1997 was fucking weird. Anyways, these two tracks are off of the ‘Girls’ 12” single. ‘Girls’ originally appeared on Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned and album that I liked and no one else in the world did.

Apollo 440
Stop The Rock (@44 Extended Mix)
Stop The Rock (Mint Royale Mix)
Stop The Rock (Gigolo ‘Stop The Jocks’ Remix)
Stop The Rock (T-Total Remix)
Something I read once called Apollo 440 “electronic music for frat boys”. While I wouldn’t call Apollo 440 proponents of Intelligent Dance Music I think that criticism may be just a bit harsh. I dug some of their tunes aside from this one, which was their big hit single. Their remix of the theme to Lost In Space was definitely the best thing to come out of that ungodly shitstorm of a movie. Anyways, these mixes are off of a 12” single.

2 Responses to “Dance Till Your Head Falls Off.”

  1. Drain says:

    well the electronica boom of the late 90’s was a weird time. it was like the zoot-suit boom of the same year, it just popped up, exploded and then faded away really quick.

    i think the prodigy never really recovered after ‘fat of the land’ due to the fact that the band went back to the stuff on previous albums like “music for the jilted generation”, less vocals, more beats. that and people prolly wanted to hear another “firestarter”.

    i did dig “always outnumbered, never outgunned” as it was still pretty good stuff. it was just like the old stuff and it didn’t suck at all. i guess people wanted more singing as alott of the electronica artists of the late 90’s began to incorporate singing into alott of their material. chemical brothers, fatboy slim, basement jaxx, etc as time went on.

    oh yeah, tricky’s pretty cool too. especially that song ‘antihistamine’ if you haven’t heard it…great track.

  2. Peter says:

    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your posts! Have found so many wonderful songs, both stuff I hadn’t heard in years, as well as new ones! Keep up the fanatastic work….

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