I Was Transferred To The Moon.

It seems that quite a few blogs mentioned my stupid little rant about how much I hate idiot concert-goers. At one blog someone said that my anger towards people making out at concerts shows that I haven’t “gotten any” in a long time. That’s not fair because it is totally impossible to defend yourself against an attack like that. If I go on the offensive and say something like, “hey motherfucker, I get pussy every night” then I sound like I’m over compensating. If I ignore it then the person who said it assumes they are right. I’m going to let it be and say that I’m very happy that my blog is getting enough exposure that people are starting to speculate about my sex life.

Dazz Band
Between songs like this and the entire soundtrack/film experience that was The Last Dragon (sho-nuff!), it’s amazing that Motown made it out of the 80s in one piece. This song is four minutes of “joystick as penis” and “high score as fucking” metaphors. Pure genius. When I’m making out with people at Morrissey concerts I think of this song.

Was (Not Was)
I Feel Better Than James Brown (Berwick Beat Mix)
The more I listen to Was (Not Was) the more impressed I become. While I used to consider them nothing more than one-hit wonders now I recognize them as the creators of some of the most unique songs of the 80s. This remix is eight minutes of insane ranting backed by nonsensical pseudo-African lyrics and a killer beat. The rants are not spoken by Bruce Campbell, even though the dude kind of sounds like him.

George Clinton (With Coolio)
Atomic Dog (Dogs Of The World Unite Mix)
Atomic Dog (Tail Waggin’ Club Mix)
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Atomic Dog is a song that I will never get sick of no matter how many times I hear it. The same is true for these remixes from the 90s that feature some random rapping by wild-haired rapper Coolio. Whatever happened to Coolio? The last I saw him he was on Fear Factor battling Donny Osmond and Kelly Preston, which sounds like some sort of unholy trinity of reality show guest stars.

5 Responses to “I Was Transferred To The Moon.”

  1. girl across the sea says:

    Loooooool your posts make my day…and obviously othres if they are writing about you too!!

    I loved your concert post…you’d be awesome to go to a concert with!!

    Don’t change…


  2. Mr. Satan A. Chilles says:

    You’re right after all, most people are idiots at concerts. I just love those people who scream into cell phones telling their friends that they’re at a concert, all the while missing the concert… Went to Radio City Music Hall for a show a few years ago, and everyone around me was constantly getting up to hit the bar, come back, drink, take drink orders and do it all over again. Not sure if anyone actually saw the show. They should’ve paid a little better attention, it was Luther Vandross.

    Gotta say though that I might have an issue with a 6’6″ concertgoer in front of me, but I’d figure out a way to deal with it, like moving or something. I can’t change my height any more than you can.

    Anyway, as George Carlin says, when it comes to people, ‘there are a few winners, and a whole lot of losers’. It’s a shame the concert experience isn’t better… (don’t get me started on movie-going).

    People commenting about you and your personal life need to get a life of their own. At least you know they’re the same idiots you’ve encountered at shows, so no surprise there. And keep up the fine job with the tunes, thanks for all the great posts…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Regarding Was (Not Was), they are geniuses, even their later more commercial stuff was peppered with crazy off-the-wall stuff like “I feel Better Than James Brown” with it’s “rap” about smoking cigars with Fidel Castro and being transfered to the moon… David Was is awesome 🙂

    But the early stuff, like “out come the freaks” is even more inventive and original and challenging and a pure joy to listen to.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dude, you are so spot-on regarding the annoying concert goers.. if they don’t want to watch/listen to the show, they should not have purchased the tickets, thereby allowing a true fan of the artist to attend and enjoy the show.

    Had a similar experience in 1995 when I was lucky enough to get a ticket to see David Bowie at the Hollywood Palladium… tiny venue that Bowie hadn’t played since 1972 and wasn’t likely to ever play again.

    But a lot of ppl went just to see and be seen, to stand and talk… this was a historic concert, with Bowie in a tiny venue… and they just want to yak…

    one stupid drunken chick was screaming all the time.. “WOOOOOHOO YAAAAOHOOOOOO” for no good reason… so I had to yell at her big time to shut her up.. thankfully she wised up and shut up and moved.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I thought I was the only one who remembered JOYSTICK!!!

    That song rocked my 3 year old little soul way back when!!!!

    It could explain my desire to sleep with funky arcade loving nerds/geeks, now that I think of it…

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