The Difference Between A Goal and My Taint.

I was going to post the second Live At the 101 Club LP in it’s interity today, but I realized that the songs on it by The Fixx and Wang Chung were the exact same recordings that were on the first one. I’m redundant enough as it is. So here are the tracks from the second one that aren’t on the first, as well as a special treat for fans of Urgh! This will be my last post until finals are over for my on Wednesday. Well, I technically have a final on Thursday but since I didn’t study for the mid-term and I got the highest grade in the class I’m not that worried about it. Yay for the declining academic standards of our universities!

Philip Jap
The Ambassadors
No idea who this dude is. ‘Hermaphordite’ is a great tune. Dude has one hell of an awful last name though.

Thompson Twins
Physics & Chemistry
Slave Trade
I mentioned in my last post that the songs by The Fixx and Wang Chung that were on the 101 live album had little in common with their later hits. Well, these two songs by Thompson Twins sound nothing like ‘Hold Me Now.’ Thank God, I fucking hate that damn song.

Jane Kennaway
Catch Cool
Scratching At The Surface
A No-Hit Wonder that shoulda been but wasn’t. Both these songs are pretty stellar.

Athletico Spizz 80 – Do A Runner

Yay, more complete albums on The Lost Turntable. I’m posting this for a few reasons. First, it’s a great early new-wave record. Secondly, it’s out of print and thirdly, it’s a record by a band that was on Urgh! a movie that long-time visitors to my blog recognize as the Holy Grail of New Wave concert movies. I’ve had the tracks from Urgh! spread out over a few posts for about a year now but I recently re-organized them into one simple post so those of you who have not grabbed all them now can with ease. Fans of Urgh! should also note that this album is the one that has ‘Clock Are Big’ on it, which is used as an intro to ‘Where’s Captain Kirk’ on the soundtrack. It easily gets my vote as the best 30 second tune ever.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Way cool! Thanks for the excellent music!

  2. Alex says:

    I really liked, Hold Me Now. But as they say, everyone is different.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jane is cool and still active!

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