Watership Down(er)

The first of several soundtracks I’ll be posting this week, this is the only only featuring dead bunnies.

Watership Down – The Original Soundtrack From The Film
Yes I’m sure Watership Down was an amazing movie and even better book but I have no desire to ever see it. I don’t really want to see an animated movie that has cute little bunnies being eaten and killed. I have enough problems man, I don’t need that shit. This soundtrack is really hard to find though, so if you want to relive memories of bunnies being gutted via a lovely Art Garfunkel tune then hey, go nuts.

2 Responses to “Watership Down(er)”

  1. The ALF says:

    yo man – it’s only the dumb bunnies that get deaded– the smart bunnies gets to hot foot it to another world on account of they gots
    -psychic abilities!

    as I recall the snd trk title was pretty putrid anyway but cha get an “A” for metaphysical effort

  2. Cygnet Committee says:

    I feel the same about that movie. Never saw it, always felt I have to , but never will. Nice Art Garfunkel song but I cannot stand sad stuff like that. The world is crual enough for goodness sake!

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